Cluny to Le Puy on the Chemin de St Jacques

Le Puy

Stage One: Chemin de St Jacques Cluny to Le Puy, February 17th to March 3rd It seemed we were destined to walk the Camino. Well, in retrospect. I had six months long service leave and we had a house in France.

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Inner and Outer Experiences of the Camino de Santiago


Our Camino, September – October 2013 by Eric Broussine Since completing the Camino de Santiago I have read 2 books by individuals who have described their inner and outer experiences, their trials, their triumphs and their fellow pilgrims along the way.

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A Sense of Community on the Appalachian Trail and Camino de Santiago

Roncesvalles 06 albergue 06 shoes

“Hey man, is there any way you can come hike with me on the Appalachian Trail?” I anxiously asked all my close friends. “No, I’ve gotta’ work,” was the response I invariably received. “Well, how bout’ just going for a

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What is the Best Time to Walk the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago in the Winter

This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently, what is the best time to walk.  In many ways they are all good for different reasons, and yes I know that is a bit oblique – so I

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Where Can I Get a Pilgrims Passport?


A pilgrims passport is a must, (also known as a credential), you must have one to stay in the municipal and parish Albergues, some of the private albergue do not require one.  The passport will have a spaces for sellos

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Reasons to Walk the Camino de Santiago

Pyrenees 19 guidepost

You have to be fairly motivated to walk the Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in North West Spain – as it is 800km.  Usually 800km with your rucksack on your

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Westward, to the World’s End


We have come to the end of the world, my shadow, my backpack, my blisters and I. For here at Cape Finisterre, this wind-whipped westernmost spit of Spain, European travellers once came timidly to stand at the end of all

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Getting Walking Fit for the Camino

The last time I was fit was towards the end of the Camino Frances.

How fit do I have to be to walk the Camino de Santiago?  This is one of the questions I am most asked.  The answer to this has a lot to do with other issues. How long do you want

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Did You Lose Weight on the Camino?

leslie in albergue

I lost about 8kgs, about 18 lbs, over a four week period. So yes I did lose a lot of weight on the Camino. However losing weight was never one of my intentions for walking. I did not set out on

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Finding Love on the Camino de Santiago

Thomas James

Love was the last thing I expected to find on the Camino de Santiago. But I did and nine years later our son has just been born. Therefore I thought this would be a good time for this post. I

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Camino de Santiago – Hermit or Not?


I met Mathias a day or so before Pamplona. He looked very strange with his dreadlocks, tiny rucksack and guitar. He almost had the homeless look about him, but he was young, perhaps mid-twenties. We talked and I found out he

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Transitioning from Camino Life to Real Life


After a couple Camino’s and seeing dozens of pilgrims having a hard time with the Camino Blues, I think it is worth a writing an article about.  I am certainly no professional, but someone whom has experienced the transition back

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How to Live Your Life


The inspiration for this post came at the end of the video below.  However as I get older I think more about how to live, perhaps because I am more aware of death. This is the longest YouTube video that

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What About Medical Help & Health Care?


Concerns about health care and medical help while on the Camino is one of my most common asked questions.  You can read some reports from pilgrims on the Camino here about their experience with the Spanish health care system. For

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Le Puy to Saint Jean Pied de Port

Conques France

Stage Two: Chemin de St Jacques Le Puy to Saint Jean Pied de Port, March 4th to April 4th This section took us to the wind swept plains of the Aubrac. Cold, I got frost bite of my nose which

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