17 Best Camino de Santiago Blogs


I have been writing about the Camino on my blog since 2006, the site grew very large, then I consolidated many posts as there was not enough detail in the huge number that had been written. And that is what

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Top Ten Things About Camino de Santiago


I was asked recently what would be my top ten things about the Camino de Santiago – so here it is. 1. The people, the other pilgrims. The other pilgrims I met is my number one on the Camino, all

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Why I am Hiking the Camino Frances Again


Hello Camino friends I was recently reading the Camino Forums and felt inspired to write a little about my pilgrimage down the Camino Francis and why I chose to hike it again the next year, before I had even finished

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Inspiration to Walk the Camino de Santiago


The forum was an amazing resource for me when researching the Camino de Santiago. I did the full Camino de Santiago Frances as well as the Del Norte in 2013 with my guitar. In May of 2014 I did 4 days

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Camino Frances Last Section – Part 3

The end of a very long journey for our intrepid pilgrims.

This is the third post of three, the first is Walking the Camino Frances, and the second is the middle part of the Camino Frances. These are the last of the email compilations from Douglas and Christine Ball’s journey on

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Camino Frances Middle Section – Part 2


This is a continuation of the emails of Gordon and Christine Ball’s time on the Camino Frances during 2015. This section covers the middle stages of the Camino Frances. You can read the first part here – Walking the Camino

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Walking the Camino Frances


In 2015, two pilgrims to undertake the Camino Frances walk were Douglas and Christine Ball, from Gateshead in the north east of England. Here is their personal story of ‘Walking the Camino’.  (I have split this into three parts as it

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Lessons Learned on the Camino de Santiago

Finisterre, the end.

Toward the end of my post a couple of weeks back on how the Camino changed my life, I got thinking about lessons I learned while walking the Camino Frances.  The following are some thoughts on lessons I think I

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How Walking the Camino de Santiago changed my Life

Leslie Anna 13km from Santiago

I first walked the Camino de Santiago in 2004 on the Camino Frances route.  I found it quite difficult back then to find information before I went so I had little idea what lay ahead.  In hindsight that was maybe

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The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett Book Review


I asked for book suggestions a few weeks back on the Camino Facebook page and on the weekly newsletter and The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett was suggested in both, so I bought it and read. First off so

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Cycling the Camino Frances


My name is Ineke and I’m from The Netherlands. The idea of experiencing the Camino started about two years ago. I saw the movie ‘The Way’ with Martin Sheen and I guess it triggered something. The idea of emptying my

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Is It Safe Walking the Camino de Santiago Alone?

Camino de Santiago shell arrow

One of the most common questions I am asked – is it safe to walk the Camino de Santiago alone?  This became a question being asked more again recently when someone went missing on the Camino. However my opinion remains

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Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found


I enjoyed reading Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed. I found the book very gritty, ruthlessly honest and inspiring. All that from a book that at first glance is about walking the Pacific Crest Trail. It

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Blisters, Bedbugs and Backaches – Finding Clarity on the Camino

Pilgrims in Fiesta

In May 2012, I clicked SEND and put in play a turn of events and a journey that would change my life forever. In my sixth decade and in good health, I knew this was the time. With that SEND

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I Walked the Camino de Santiago as a Vegan and you can too


In May and June, (2012), I walked along with my husband, the Camino de Santiago as a vegan as well as sugar and gluten free. I spent a good amount of time before leaving on the internet looking for information

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