Where Can I Get a Pilgrims Passport?

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You can get it before you leave, if you have a confraternity in your country.  Check the links page for confraternities, all that have asked are listed.  For example if you live in the UK you can join the Confraternity of St James and get a pilgrims passport from them.  You must of course join for them to issue you with a pilgrims passport, please bear this in mind as they get many requests each year from people that are not members hoping to get a pilgrims passport.

A pilgrims passport is a must, you must have one to stay in an Albergue.  The passport will have a space for sellos (stamps) on it, this proves that you have walked that day and are entitled to stay in an Albergue (pilgrims only hostel), if there is space, (not normally a problem).

Pilgrim’s passports are also issued in various albergues.  In St Jean Pied de Port is where most passports are issued.  Pamplona main albergue issue the passports, also the pilgrims office beside the albergue in Roncesvalles.  All the main cities, Burgos, Leon, issue the passports, as for the small albergues in between – sorry but I don’t know – if anyone else does let me know and I will post the information here.

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10 comments on “Where Can I Get a Pilgrims Passport?
  1. jose antonio fernandez says:

    Dear Leslie,
    The Edificio Central (main building) at the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) is one of the venues, located in the “camino”, where the pilgrims can get the Pilgrim Record / credencial. They can get the “credencial” at any hour any day: we are open 7/24 the whole year.
    I would be very appreciated if you upload this information in your web site
    Thank you very much and… buen Camino!

    Jose Antonio Fernandez
    Pilgrim Office & Alumni Office
    University of Navarra

  2. Kristoph says:

    Ill make movie. You can watch in HD on Youtube.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGsHEedrtOA
    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxP8GTZvCVE


    Best redgard
    Kris Poland

  3. Ken T. says:

    Is the information about obtaining a passport at an albergue and the list of albergues up to date as of 2013? Two companions and I are coming in about a month (mid-March) to walk from either Leon or Ponferrada into Santiago (arriving during Holy Week!), and it is past the regular deadline to get a passport from the American Pilgrims organization.

    Thank you for maintaining a site full of so much good information, and for any help you can provide us.


    • admin says:

      Where to obtain a passport is up to date, but the hostel list is two years out of date. The first half has been updated at the end of 2012, but I still have to finish it. I will mark on the page when that is completed, likely during the next month or so.

  4. Mike McCarthy says:

    5 retired blokes will be cycling the route from Pamplona to SdC next spring. Can we get a Camino passport in order to stay at hostels or are they only given to walkers?

  5. Jayne Middleton says:

    I am travelling to Barcelona from Scotland then taking the train to Sarria and walking to Santiago from there. Is it possible to get a passport in any of these places?

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