Best Tent Cot for Camping

Rare are the things that are as romantic and calming as sleeping under the stars. However, doing something like that exposes the camper to all kinds of weather conditions, as well as to insects and other critters. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping on the ground – not only will you have to deal with nasty bugs, but also with uncomfortable nights and all sorts of morning aches. 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know that a good day in the backcountry always starts with a good night’s sleep. And when it comes to comfortable sleeping, camping tents and tent cots can make all the difference. The latter category of outdoor shelters – tent cots – are not only exceptionally cozy but also make one’s camping gear more efficient and convenient by removing the need for separate types of shelters. 

What’s more, most tent cots for camping are extremely easy to set up – they can be ready for use in just a couple of minutes. But it’s crucial to select a well-made model that suits your style of camping and which doesn’t disrupt your sleep. Here are our short but informative and comprehensive reviews of the market’s best tent cots for camping: 

Best Tent Cots Reviews 

Winterial Double Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

Winterial double tent cot

Are you looking for an extra-large tent cot? If that’s the case, this model is undoubtedly one of your best options. The best thing about this tent cot is its weight capacity of 500 pounds, which is seriously impressive. There’s more than enough room in this tent cot for two people. 

When it’s set up, Winterial Double Outdoor Camping has an overall size of 41” x 46” x 85”. As such, the model provides a sizable sleeping area, which you’ll be able to share with another person. When folded down, this tent cot has the dimensions of 8” x 33.5” x 48.5”. 

Another great thing about this tent cot is that it’s extremely easy to set up. It takes only a couple of minutes to assemble this thing, and, once you get the hang of the process, you’ll be able to sleep in it in no time. 

The heart of this tent cot is its durable aluminum frame, which is combined with several sizable mesh windows for increased ventilation. Moreover, the job of this mesh fabric is to protect the sleeper from insects and help him or her get a good night’s rest. 

This tent cot provides decent protection from the rain. Just like all other models analyzed in this article, this one also doesn’t come into contact with the ground – you won’t have to worry about moisture and dampness soaking your sleeping mat. To fully protect yourself from nasty weather conditions, combine this tent cot with a rain fly. 


  • Large sleeping area/weight capacity of 500 pounds 
  • Stable & durable due to its sturdy frame 
  • Exceptionally easy setup 


  • Not the lightest model out there 

Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot (One Person)

Kamp-Rite original tent cot

The next tent cot in our roundup comes from Kamp-Rite, which is a well-known manufacturer of reasonably-priced but exceptionally well-made tent cots for camping. This particular model measures 28” x 84” and stands 11 inches above the ground. 

As a tent cot of this height, the model also allows the sleeper to use the space underneath it for the storage of his or her belongings. So, not only is there plenty of room for one person to sleep snugly and cozily, but also enough room for the hiking essentials right underneath the tent cot. 

Both the base and the frame of the Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot are very sturdy and well-made. As you can already guess, this removes the need to use crossbars, which are often included with the more traditional shelters of this type. 

This 1-person Kamp-Rite tent cot is also very easy to set up – you’ll be able to do everything on your own. This turns it into a phenomenal choice for those who often engage in solo backcountry escapades. 

Another great thing about this 1-person tent cot is its hinged design. This feature allows the owner to easily transform the cot tent into a comfortable lounge chair whenever he or she wants. When it’s transformed into a lounge chair, the model can even be fitted into a regular backpacking tent. 

The last thing worth mentioning is that this is one of those cot tents that come with two zippered doors. These will provide you with quick and easy access to your cozy sleeping spot.


  • A sturdy 1-person tent cot that provides sufficient comfort & support 
  • Versatile – can be transformed into a chair 
  • Exceptionally easy to assemble


  • Low roof 

Yescom Folding Tent Cot (One Person)

Yescom Folding Tent Cot

Here we have yet another 1-person tent cot, made by Yescom. Manufactured from PU-coated oxford, this model provides excellent protection from light rain and snow due to its water-resistant construction. 

The weight capacity of this foldable one-person camping tent cot stands at 330 pounds. The stability of the cot tent is ensured by the presence of four plastic non-slip stands. The model itself weighs just under 30 pounds, so it’s pretty easy to carry around. 

Yescom Folding Tent Cot stands at 14 inches off the ground. So, unlike your regular ground tent, this elevated platform will keep you dry and secure – you’ll be sleeping far above insects, dampness, and sharp rocks. 

The polyester mesh lining of this tent cot is very breathable and keeps the interior well-ventilated, while at the same time preventing insects from coming inside. Another feature that helps with air circulation is the presence of 20” x 20” side windows. 

Finally, this Yescom one-person camping tent cot comes equipped with multiple internal storage pockets. You can use these to store items such as electronic gadgets or energy snacks. The model’s straps, on the other hand, can be used for hanging towels and clothes. 


  • A 14” elevated platform for sleeping ensures protection from dampness 
  • Large zippered doors & windows 
  • Four non-slip stands 


  • Not for use in heavy rain

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Kamp-rite oversize tent cot

Here we have yet another highly versatile Kamp-Rite camping cot. As a 1-person model, this tent cot is a phenomenal choice for solo trekking trips, but also for group adventures where everybody sleeps in his or her own shelter. 

One of the company’s best-selling models, Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. One particular feature that places this model among the market’s most versatile tent cots is the fact that it can also be used as a lounger or chair. 

Sporting a powder-coated aluminum steel frame, this tent cot sits at around 11” from the ground and weighs 32 pounds. As you can already guess, this protects the sleeper from getting cold or wet but also prevents insects and other critters from climbing up on your air mattress, sleeping pad, or sleeping bag. 

Another great thing about this camping cot is its weight capacity of 350 pounds – it is more than capable of supporting larger individuals. Furthermore, it comes accompanied by a water-resistant rain fly, while its durable nylon material provides ample protection from light rain. However, keep in mind that this camping cot tent can’t really protect you from heavy downpours. 

Despite the fact that this is not a double outdoor camping tent cot, it provides plenty of space due to its dimensions of 32” x 90”. The model is also fairly easy to carry around, so you shouldn’t have any issues with transporting it to your campsite. 


  • Stands high above the ground & converts to a chair 
  • Excellent weight capacity – 350 pounds 
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble


  • Not for use in heavy rain

Outsunny 1-Person Cot Tent Combo

Outsunny cot tent combo

As its name suggests, this is an all-in-one solution to one’s camping needs made by Outsunny. Compact and well-made, this particular model is a tent and cot at the same time, with both items coming inside an easy-to-carry bag for quick and easy transport and storage. 

What are these cot and tent made out from? The main materials used in their manufacture include polyester taffeta, oxford fabric, and fiberglass (for the poles). This combination of durable materials turns the Outsunny 1-Person Cot Tent Combo into a great option for those looking for a heavy-duty solution. 

Like all other models on our list, this tent cot is also well-elevated and provides the user with a comfortable camping experience. You’ll be in no touch with the hard ground while sleeping – no need to worry about sharp rocks, moisture, or annoying bugs. 

Another great thing about this tent/cot combo, whose weight capacity stands at 225 pounds, is that it takes only a couple of minutes to put it together. Furthermore, the model promises easy entry with its zippered doors and comes equipped with two mesh windows. 

Even though this is a tent/cot combo, it is quite compact – its surface measures only 20” x 78”. While this does mean that it has a manageable weight of just 19 pounds, it is also too lightweight to stay in place in case of strong winds (when it’s not in use, of course).


  • A two-in-one solution to one’s camping needs 
  • Comes accompanied by a carry bag 
  • Easy to assemble, transport, and store


  • Can’t withstand strong winds

Kamp-Rite Compact Extra-Large Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite compact tent cot

Here we have yet another tent cot from Kamp-Rite, with this model’s name suggesting that it can be used by two people at once. So, is this a Kamp-Rite double tent cot or not? While it is possible for two individuals to sleep inside this model at the same time, it was made to be used by a single person who needs a bit more space than usual. 

This is a 3-in-1 product – the tent and the cot can be used either together or separately. One particularly great thing about Kamp-Rite Compact Extra Tent Cot is that it’s very easy to fold down and collapse. Furthermore, the entire thing can be easily packed into a convenient carry bag, which is included in the package together with a rain fly. 

It goes without saying, but all of this gives the user more time to relax on his or her camping trip. Also, the Kamp-Rite Double tent cot can be easily carried inside a backpack for trekking tours, camping trips, and other types of outdoor activities. 

As a double-layer product, the model combines the already-mentioned rain fly with a taffeta inner tent. The model also has zippered panels and windows, and these are made out of special mesh fabric that promotes ventilation and stops the mosquitoes from coming inside the tent cot. 

The model’s above-the-ground sleeping area is quite roomy (32” x 84”) and provides the user with sufficient headspace – getting a good night’s rest on this tent cot is guaranteed. And, as I already mentioned, the model can be used by two people at once, with the weight capacity of 400 pounds making sure of that. 

Another feature that turns the Kamp-Rite Compact Extra-Large tent cot into a great choice for longer camping trips is that it comes equipped with ceiling straps and both interior and exterior storage areas. These will allow you to store some of your camping gear inside and on the outside of the tent cot and to hang a lamp in its interior. 


  • The best tent cot for two people made by Kamp-Rite 
  • Spacious, feature-rich, and easy to assemble 
  • Provides solid protection from elements 


  • Legs prone to sinking in soft ground 

Tangkula Waterproof Folding Tent Cot (One Person)

Tangkula tent cot

A lot of shelters of this type are made out of packable, lightweight nylon, which isn’t that great for those who need a heavy-duty tent cot for camping that will be able to withstand difficult weather conditions. For such individuals, the Tangkula tent cot is a phenomenal choice – it withstands even the most severe weather due to its rugged oxford canvas construction. 

The main materials used in the manufacture of the Tangkula tent cot are 600D water-resistant oxford canvas and 420D coated oxford. When combined, these materials easily handle foul weather conditions and provide the user with sound sleep. Many people consider this model to be the best tent cot in terms of sheer durability, and I tend to agree with them. 

Just like most other products of this type, the Tangkula tent cot also sports a lightweight aluminum frame and has micro-mesh windows. The large and zippered D-shaped doors, on the other hand, provide quick and easy entry. The model is also very easy to put together and comes accompanied by all the necessary accessories. 

Those who decide to use this tent cot for their camping trip will sleep 12” above the ground. In terms of spaciousness, the model sports the dimensions of 32” x 81.5” – it is quite roomy and comfortable. Finally, its weight stands at 30 pounds, while the weight capacity stands at 275 pounds. 

Finally, this tent cot sports a foldable design and is therefore extremely portable and easy to store. You just have to fold the tent cot down, put it into its carry bag, and store it away. Unfortunately, the accompanying storage bag is not of the best quality.


  • An incredibly durable tent cot for camping
  • Keeps the sleeper 12” above the ground  
  • Foldable, space-saving design 


  • Not the most durable carry bag 

Outsunny Air Mattress Pop Up Tent Combo

Outsunny Air Mattress Combo 

The last camping cot I’m going to analyze in this article is yet another model made by Outsunny, and its name is the Pop Up Air Mattress Tent Combo. Behind this curious name hides what is probably the best tent cot for two people – it is very spacious and suitable for couples whose favorite pastime is camping. 

This complete outdoor sleeping system consists of a comfortable bedspread, an inflatable air mattress, and a floorless cot. A tent combo of this type allows the user to use its components all at once or separately. It goes without saying, but each of the components I’ve mentioned is easy to pack away and transport due to the presence of a storage bag. 

The weight of this tent cot stands at 45 pounds, while its weight capacity stands at 350 pounds. It allows the user to sleep 16.5” above the ground and provides him (or them) with a sleeping surface of 53.5” x 76”. The main materials used in its manufacture are nylon and canvas fabrics. 

Both the bedspread and the mattress of this tent cot are guaranteed to make you feel as comfortable as you’d be in your bedroom. And one particularly great thing here is that these components can even be used at home – whenever you have an unexpected guest sleeping over at your house, you can simply provide him with the mattress from this tent cot. 

In summary, this all-in-one camping set is a great choice for the folks who, well, want it all – it’s a combo that consists of everything you’ll need to get a good night’s rest in the backcountry. 


  • An extremely versatile all-in-one camping set 
  • As spacious and comfortable as it gets 
  • Excellent value for the money 


  • A bit heavy

Best Tent Cot Buying Guide 

Here’s what you need to look out for while shopping for your very first tent cot: 


When it comes to camping cots, the durability varies widely. However, I found that there’s a very simple general rule of thumb – the heavier a particular model is, the sturdier it is. 

The heaviest models feature steel frames, and a frame of this type is guaranteed to make a tent cot very durable. It will make it resistant to roughhousing children, exhausted trekkers dropping down on them, or any other type of activity that a shelter of this type might face. 

Lighter models, on the other hand, typically sport aluminum frames. While these do make them very lightweight and easy to transport, they also make them far more fragile. 

So, should you go with a tent cot whose frame is heavy or light? If you’re often camping close to your automobile, you’ll make no mistake by going for a sturdy tent cot with a steel frame. If portability is really important to you and you decide to go with a lighter model, make sure to treat it with care and be careful when assembling/disassembling it. 

Ease of Setup

Night camping

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast like me, you know that a piece of trekking gear isn’t of much use if it’s difficult (or impossible) to set up. In my experience, the smaller a particular model packs down, the more difficult it is to assemble. Not only are there more parts that need to be assembled, but creating and maintaining tension is also a bit trickier than with the larger tent cots. 

So, in summary, larger models may be a bit more difficult to move around, but they also take only a few minutes to assemble. Tent cots that pack down smaller, on the other hand, weigh less but require more pieces to be broken down. The choice is up to you – do you prefer mobility or convenience? 


Here’s another department with a similar tradeoff. Camping cots that are large provide more room and padding, which makes them more comfortable to sleep on. However, they are a lot more difficult to pack down and bring on a camping trip. And smaller models, which are obviously far more portable, lack the comfort and coziness offered by their larger counterparts. 

Backpackers should prefer the ease of transport over comfort – there’s no doubt about that. So, if you’re a backpacker, your best bet is to select a tent cot that packs down small and has a low weight. Those camping next to their vehicles don’t have to worry about such things and can go with larger and more comfortable models. 

Sleeping Surface

View from inside a tent

One of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for a tent cot is that the model you want to buy is roomy enough for you. Fortunately, most models available on today’s market can fit folks who are 2 feet wide and 6 feet tall. 

If you’re on the wider or taller side, you’ll be happy to know that most companies that manufacture these shelters offer them in XL and XXL variants. Obviously, such versions are very spacious and can easily accommodate bigger folks. 

You’re not sure if a particular model can fit you? If that’s the case, simply go online and look for the specifications. You should be able to find more about the cot’s dimensions and determine whether it can or cannot provide you with enough room. If you are looking for a tent as well, check out our Coleman Hampton 9 Person Tent review.

Best Tent Cot – The Takeaway 

Each of the 8 tent cots I’ve analyzed in this article is good in its own way – there’s no doubt about that. All of these models are very practical and well-made, which is precisely what makes them the best

However, the overall winner, the best of the best tent cots, is the one made by Tangkula. Comfortable, space-saving, durable, and easy to assemble, it is the best product of this type you can get for your money today.