Canada Goose vs Nobis Jackets, Which Brand is Better?

In this article, I’ll be comparing two trending, luxurious brands – Canada Goose vs Nobis. The apparel designed and sold by these brands is all but cheap, but the quality of Nobis and Canada Goose jackets definitely justifies their price. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the materials and features offered by each company, with the ultimate goal of helping you determine which brand is a more suitable choice for you.

Every outdoor enthusiast appreciates durable, functional, and warm jackets, particularly during cold and long winter hikes. However, with so many brands on the market and a plethora of choices they offer, it can be extremely difficult to decide which one of them offers jackets and other products that are actually worth the money.

The Main Differences Between Canada Goose and Nobis

  • Unlike Nobis, which was founded in 2007, Canada Goose was established more than 60 years ago – in 1957.
  • A typical Canada Goose jacket will almost always emphasize practicality over style, and it’s often the opposite case when it comes to apparel made by Nobis.
  • Besides jackets, Canada Goose designs and sells other types of outerwear as well. When it comes to Nobis, on the other hand, the primary focus is the jacket, whether it’s a bomber jacket, a winter jacket, a down jacket, or a synthetic jacket – they do not make other types of outerwear.
  • Canada Goose jackets are made in Canada, specifically in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Montreal. And while Nobis is also a Canadian brand, its jackets are made in China.
  • Another important difference between Canada Goose and Nobis is in product customization. The jackets offered by the former brand can be customized, while the ones sold by the latter cannot.

Canada Goose and Nobis Key Specifications

Canada Goose Nobis
Collection Types Men’s, women’s, and kids Men’s, women’s, and kids
Insulation Types Goose and duck down Duck down
Materials Polyester and nylon Polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool
Fur Types Coyote fur Coyote fur
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Waterproofing DWR DWR
Latest Price Canada Goose website Nobis website 

Canada Goose or Nobis – A Detailed Comparison

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parkas

The Key Features

  • All of CG’s clothes are manufactured in Canada
  • The materials used for insulation are sourced responsibly
  • Most of their jackets feature nylon & polyester-based builds
  • CG’s apparel is available in the $450 to $2000 price range
  • Coyote fur trim, present on the hood, is a recognizable feature
  • Canada Goose insulates its jackets with duck and goose down
  • All of their models have to go through a long, 13-step manufacture process

The Overview

Undoubtedly one of the best Canadian brands, Canada Goose is considered by many to be the true rival to Arc’Teryx (and some American brands, like the North Face). The company has a very long history of designing and manufacturing jackets that provide sufficient warmth to people wearing them in harsh weather conditions.

While it’s true that this Toronto-based company was founded all the way back in 1957, it did not become a world-known brand until the 1990s. Nowadays, this brand is as well-known as the North Face of Arc’Teryx, and that’s saying something.

When compared to Nobis, Canada Goose is definitely a brand with a wider product range. Unlike its rival, the company sells all sorts of gear and accessories, including snow pants and knits. In the broader landscape of outdoor apparel, discussions often branch out to other notable comparisons, such as Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean, emphasizing the diverse choices available to consumers.

Another important advantage is the apparel customization we’ve mentioned above.

The garments designed and sold by this Canada-based brand provide a fantastic performance in cold weather because of their quality insulation and the materials used in their manufacture. In addition, a lot of people love their style – many CG jackets and parkas feature fashion-forward cuts and look very stylish, which is precisely why many individuals like to wear them around the city.

In the broader landscape of outdoor apparel, discussions often branch out to other notable comparisons, such as Moose Knuckles vs Canada Goose, emphasizing the diverse choices available to consumers.

The Recognition

Canadian model wearing Canada Goose

You’ve never heard about CG’s products? In case you didn’t, there’s a very good chance you have seen their parkas in one of the newer James Bond films. And that’s not the only connection between this brand and the movie industry – the “Goose” is one of the biggest sponsors of the world-famous Toronto International Film Festival. What is more, celebrities such as Kate Upton or David Beckham are known for their love for Canada Goose jackets, which is precisely what makes this brand so similar to the North Face.

While all of this means that CG’s jackets are very stylish, it’s important to point out that they’re also very functional and offer terrific performance. After all, they are designed to provide warmth in low temperatures, and that’s the main purpose of every good winter jacket. Finally, we should also mention that, even despite its global popularity, this corporation has only a dozen or so standalone stores outside of its home country.

The Quality

Goose down

The style of CG’s jackets is fashionable and attractive, but the durability of these products made them so popular in the first place. Almost every fabric used in the construction of CG’s garments is made through the use of highly innovative technologies, including Feather-Light and Dura-Force.

Besides the fact that it almost always features a fabric that is resistant to water or wind, a Canada Goose jacket will usually feature a DWR coating, too. This special layer provides additional protection against moisture. Furthermore, most of CG’s models of jackets sport lightweight and breathable fabrics which provide wearers with an increased level of mobility.

Another feature that makes these garments so renowned and reliable is the quality insulation that they come with. A CG jacket will typically feature goose or duck down, and both of these are always sourced responsibly (in accordance with the RDS or “Responsible Down Standard”). The fur that can often be found on the hood of a parka made by this corporation is sourced from coyotes that are located in Canada’s southern regions.

The Reliability

All of CG’s garments come accompanied by a life warranty. However, keep in mind that, just like in the case of other outerwear companies like the North Face or Patagonia, this warranty does not cover damage caused by regular wear and tear. The price of a CG jacket can be anywhere between $450 and $2000 and, in that regard, Canada Goose is very similar to Nobis.

In terms of general reliability, CG’s clothes are some of the best-quality garments of this type you can find on today’s market – there’s no doubt about that. They are warm and typically remain in great condition even after many years of use. It’s no wonder that many outdoor enthusiasts say that buying a Canada Goose coat means buying a coat for life.

Best from Canada Goose: Expedition Parka

Why buy it?

  • Extremely warm
  • Natural coyote fur ruff
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Incredibly durable
  • Plenty of features

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Hiker wearing a red puffer jacket in Canada

The Key Features

  • Nobis garments provide great performance in all weather conditions
  • Most come with DWR layers and provide additional protection against rain
  • The most common type of insulation used in their jackets is duck down
  • Most jackets made by this brand cost between $400 and $2000
  • They can also be obtained in more than 40 countries around the globe
  • A Nobis-made parka always sports responsibly sourced coyote fur
  • The primary materials Nobis uses to make its garments are cotton, nylon, wool, and polyester

The Overview

It’s pretty safe to say that Nobis would never see the light of day without Canada Goose. The reason behind this is the fact that the founder of this corporation was once CG’s vice president. His name is Robin Yates and he quit his old job 15 years ago in order to found his own apparel business, which later became one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of jackets – Nobis.

Currently present in all four corners of the globe, Nobis is well-known for its quality jackets that keep their users warm no matter which outdoor activities they participate in. However, even though these garments are designed with functionality in mind, their elegant design makes them very fashionable – just like in the case of the North Face outfits.

The Recognition

When it comes to conversations about quality winter and bomber jackets, Nobis isn’t mentioned that often, especially when compared to industry-leading brands such as Patagonia or the North Face. However, celebrities such as Alejandro Innaritu, Vin Diesel, and Johnny Depp have all worn quality Nobis garments in public.

In addition, one of the brand’s most famous collections is called Nobis X Serge Ibaka and was designed in partnership with this well-known NBA basketball player. It should also be mentioned that the brand has been collaborating with various celebrities throughout its existence, and Nobis’ current global ambassador is the well-known actor from Gray’s Anatomy – Giacomo Gianniotti.

The fact that this corporation does not have major Hollywood stars as its ambassadors certainly isn’t a sign of its inability to promote itself. In fact, its presence on the international market is firm and well-established. However, if it seems to you that the garments made by this brand are better suited for city life, you are right – a jacket or a parka made by Canada Goose is a bit better choice if you’re looking for something that will provide you with warmth at high altitudes.

The Quality

White duck down

Besides common jackets, Nobis also produces lightweight-trim jackets, puffers, bombers, parkas, etc. In addition, most of its collections feature several types of vests that are made out of light fabric and are suitable for summer outings.

The brand also uses a few different types of proprietary fabrics and laminates to enhance its products. Most of these are made out of a combination of wool, polyester, cotton, and nylon, although the exact amount of these depends on the particular garment in whose manufacture they were used. The brand’s outfits are typically insulated with RDS-certified duck down.

A parka made by this corporation will often feature some coyote fur, and it’s important to mention that this material is always sourced from areas with large coyote populations. And, speaking generally, this corporation is certainly among those that follow the highest standards during the development of their products, which is precisely why their garments are so stylish and durable.

While we’re on the topic of brand comparisons, it’s interesting to note how often Lands’ End versus L.L. Bean comes up in discussions among outdoor gear enthusiasts. These two brands, each with their own storied history and unique offerings, have become staples in the world of outdoor apparel, drawing comparisons and debates among many.

The Reliability

If the use of high-quality materials is not a sign of how reliable this label is, then its rigorous manufacturing process certainly is. This corporation is quite well-known for its parka and bomber models, but all other types of jackets they make are just as durable and elegant.

Furthermore, they provide a limited lifetime warranty for all of their garments, and this warranty covers the craftsmanship and the materials of the piece of clothing you purchase.

Depending on its durability and style, a jacket made by this brand can cost between $400 and $2000. In other words, those looking for affordable garments should definitely look elsewhere. However, if you’re not the type of person who is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a jacket, keep in mind that the garments made by this label can be worn for more than a decade.

Best from Canada Goose: The Yatesy Parka

Why buy it?

  • Breathable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weatherproof
  • Premium white duck down
  • Durable

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Canada Goose vs Nobis – The Verdict

Woman wearing a parka in freezing weather

Canada Goose Pros & Cons


  • Impeccable manufacturing process
  • A line of durable and waterproof garments
  • Fantastic performance in very low temperatures
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Their garments are often too warm for summer outings
  • Functionality emphasized over elegance

Nobis Pros & Cons


  • A phenomenal combo of practicality and elegance
  • Well-made and exceptionally durable products
  • Suitable for all types of weather conditions
  • A wide selection of different types of garments


  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for use in very low temperatures

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Since each of these brands has a line of extremely well-made products, it’s nearly impossible to conclude which one of them is actually better. Also, keep in mind that both of these brands are very expensive, and they do not put their products on sale very often. So, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, labels such as REI or Columbia are a much better choice.

Canada Goose is undoubtedly the winner of this comparison when it comes to sheer functionality, though. Some of their garments provide a phenomenal performance even in extremely low temperatures. However, if you’re not that serious about backcountry exploration, you won’t make a mistake by opting for one of the Nobis-made jackets instead. They are durable, elegant, and held in high regard by many people all over the world.

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