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Great Glen way

Hiking the Great Glen Way

If coast to coast walks are your thing, and you want to tackle one that you could do in a week or less, then look no further folks.

The beauty of the Great Glen Way is that it’s long enough to challenge your endurance, but not so long that you have to train for months on end to be able to tackle it.

Take a look at what we loved about it, and then decide for yourself if it’s going to be the destination for your next break from it all.

Coastal path in Scotland

Hiking the Ayrshire Coastal Path

Located on one of the most beautiful coastlines of the British Isles, the Ayrshire Coastal Path is a fantastic choice for hikers who are eager to explore nature, wildlife, as well as memorable historical sites.

The path is part of the International Appalachian Trail, and it was declared one of Scotland’s Great Trails by Scottish Natural Heritage. It is considered a great adventure for excited walkers but, since some areas run alongside beaches, the middle and north sections are also suitable for horse riding. In addition, there are parts which cyclers can very well enjoy, in the northern section between Ayr and Largs.

Mountain peaks

Hiking the Arran Coastal Way

Unlike most long distance hiking routes in Scotland, the Arran Way is a circular route, and it can be walked in usually five days. When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of back home, there’s perhaps nowhere better to do it than the quiet and peaceful island of Arran.

It’s often described as ‘Scotland in miniature’ and it’s a little corner of the British Isles that’ll sure not disappoint. The beauty of the place is that you can see the entire island in just a few day’s walking, and at just over 100 km in length, it still provides a real challenge for even the most seasoned of walkers.

Annandale way

Hiking the Annandale Way

Scotland is an area that’s known for the beauty of its walks, and perhaps none more so than the Annandale Way. By walking the length of the river bearing the same name as it makes its way to the sea, you get to enjoy the full range of Scottish terrain. The ground gently undulates, a calming breeze keeps you nice and cool, and you’re surrounded by amazing wildlife – the Annandale Way is certainly one of Scotland’s best walking holidays.

Fife Coastal path

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path

Fife is an area of Scotland that people have come from all over the UK and further afield to enjoy for decades now. The terrain is varied, the views are spectacular, and there’s so much to see and do along the way. To give you plenty of new ideas, we’ve put together a simple 5 minute read that will tell you everything you need to know about the local area. That way, all you need to do is read, have a quick think, and then book your trip. It’s just as simple as getting away for the week should be, isn’t it?

St Cuthbert

Hiking St Cuthbert’s Way

If you want to explore a route that’s steeped in history without having to go further afield, then St Cuthbert’s Way could be the ideal route for your next walking holiday, and is one of Scotland’s more popular hiking routes.

The scenery has largely remained untouched from the days of 650 AD when the legendary St Cuthbert himself would have traversed the route that bears his name. Just what you want when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle back home, and immerse yourself in a corner of the UK.

River Spey

Hiking the Speyside Way

When you want to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature, there’s perhaps nowhere better to do it than on the 100 kilometres or more of the Speyside Way.

Tucked away in a quiet part of the country, it follows the River Spey as it twists and turns on its way to the sea. With acres of wild parkland to be explored along the way, you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted and more from your next walking holiday.

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