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Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

lightweight hiking shoes

Depending on the terrain and the weather I like to have a good choice of hiking shoes, walking boots or trail running shoes for my many treks.  As I am generally a fair weather hiker I have good experience in buying lightweight hiking shoes that I use all summer long. Hiking is a wonderful way…

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Best Trekking Poles for 2019

Cascade Mountain Tech

Hiking is a great way to get out and about and explore this beautiful world of ours. If like me you are a fan of walking the Camino, you will feel invigorated when following the routes that pilgrims have walked over the ages. Having the right gear makes walking in such wonderful surroundings – whether…

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Best Sleeping Pads for Camping and Backpacking

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated

When you set out on a long backpacking journey, you need to always make sure you have the best gear available. You have your hiking boots or hiking shoes, your backpack, and you need to take with you a comfortable, lightweight and effective sleeping pad. This is a very important item when you are intending…

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10 Best Hiking Boots for 2018

Salomon Hiking Boots

When you are out on the hill or on a long trek, your hiking boots are among the most important pieces in your kit. You need a good pair of boots or shoes to suit the terrain. Some people, for example, prefer shoes for trekking or hill walking, but for me, a good pair of…

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

It’s important to have the right footwear for your level of hiking, more so if you are going on a walking holiday or a long distance walk like the Camino de Santiago, (and the right backpack and waterproofs). Different styles are more suitable for different levels than others. For instance, if you enjoy ultralight hiking…

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Best Camera for the Camino de Santiago?

camera for the camino de santiago

The pilgrimage to Santiago is an adventure rich in breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. Still, some travelers prefer to completely unplug from the noise of civilization and leave all the tech gadgets behind. Others, like me, can’t resist documenting whenever possible. Whether or not you decide to disconnect completely and leave the camera behind is a…

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How to Choose a Rucksack for the Camino de Santiago

After choosing the best hiking boots or hiking shoes for your feet, a backpack is the second most important piece of equipment you need for walking any of the Camino routes (see Camino packing list).  Bear in mind this humble backpack is going to hold all your belonging for a month, sometime more. Rucksacks come in many…

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How to Choose Waterproofs for the Camino de Santiago


The Basic Principles of Layering This is the third post in my series about walking gear for the Camino, the first is how to chose the best hiking boots or lightweight hiking shoes, the second is how to choose a backpack. This is a general article on waterproofs – the age-old discussion about a waterproof jacket…

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