El Acebo on the Camino Frances

Molinaseca---Cacabelos-01Today one year ago I was in El Acebo on the Camino Frances. I had had enough of sharing in a pilgrims hostel and had decided on a room to my self, (€20).

I had only walked 17km from Rabanal, I was tired and very sore. I had been taken from an albergue a few days before in an ambulance to hospital to discover that I had two hernias, one on each side. But I had decided to finish and I was taking some pain killers to keep me going. A bit mad when I look back at it.

The pension I stayed in was up in the mountains before going down to Foncebadon. It was a beautiful place to rest, if I had kept walking I knew I would have ended up the day in Ponferrada and I had stayed there before.

I was feeling a bit out of my skin at this point on my Camino.  I was going through one of the times in my head of wondering why I was there, wondering why I was walking this path again – having only just walked it the year before.

My closest friend had died only a week or so before and my last conversation with him had been about walking into Santiago – he was very strong in his opinion that this should be the highest thing in my mind at the moment.  When he died I thought I should go home – but after some thought I decided against that and continued to Santiago.

I am glad now that I continued, at the time it was hard – people were telling me to go home and some at home were asking that I join them.  I walked and switched off my phone – it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and it became the next part of my way in life – one that I will go into at some other point further down the road.

It is hard to go against the opinion of others – but sometimes it is the best thing we can do.

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