Takeya vs Yeti Water Bottles

The most well-known manufacturer of water bottles for hiking is Texas-based Yeti. Unfortunately, the drinkware designed and sold by this brand is not for everyone’s budget, which is precisely why many outdoor enthusiasts often look for alternatives, one of which is California-based (but born in Japan) Takeya.

Every outdoor enthusiast uses water bottles – myself included. However, not that many of us actually put much thought into these simple yet extremely important items. If you’re still hydrating yourself from a banged-up old bottle you have been using for years, maybe it’s finally the time to get yourself an upgrade.

In this article, I’ll compare these two brands by taking a closer look at some of their most popular products. Are Takeya bottles and tumblers just as good as those offered by Yeti? Let’s find an answer to that question together.

Takeya – The Most Popular Products

Takeya bottle

Takeya Actives 24 oz Bottle

The most popular product ever made by Takeya is the 24 oz water bottle from their Actives lineup. Extremely easy to carry and drink from, it’s a simple, inexpensive option for around-the-town use. While this is not a flawless product, I think it’s pretty easy to see why it is so wildly popular and held in high regard by many outdoor enthusiasts around the world. This is not the first time I have reviewed Takeya, read Takeya vs Hydro Flask to see how well it stacks up against the other leading brand.

One of the best things about the Takeya Actives 24 oz bottle is its wide mouth lid which comes with a screw-top drinking spout. It’s a fairly simple solution that works incredibly well and makes it easy to drink from this bottle on the go.

Although this is an insulated stainless steel bottle, it’s not the most durable one out there. Furthermore, cleaning its lid can be somewhat tricky. But even despite these shortcomings, I think that this model is an excellent option for staying hydrated in the city and during short day hikes.

Takeya Traveler 17 oz Travel Mug

Available in 12 different colors and weighing just 13 ounces, Takeya’s Traveler 17 oz Travel Mug is yet another highly popular product from this company. This model sports a leak-proof construction and has a secure slide lock – one-handed drinking on the go is as easy as it gets.

Of course, this travel mug also features double-walled vacuum insulation, whose job is to keep your tea or coffee hot. The manufacturer states that the mug can maintain the temperature of these drinks for up to 12 hours. I put this to the test and found out that the product can’t really keep a beverage hot for more than 6 hours.

However, even despite this limitation, I still think that Takeya’s Travel Mug is a good option for daily commuters. It’s a well-designed bottle with a convenient loop handle and a leak-proof lid – great for shorter trips.

Takeya Originals 40 oz Bottle

Here we have something a bit more pricey than the first two Takeya products I’ve analyzed – a water bottle from their popular Originals lineup. This particular model is made out of powder-coated 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and sports a capacity of 40 fluid ounces.

Obviously, the primary selling point of this Takeya bottle is its capability to keep drinks warm or hot with its double-walled insulation. Here, the results are a bit better – the model can maintain the temperature of your beverage for about 8 hours (which is still lower than the claimed 12 hours, though).

The bottle’s overall design deserves only words of praise – it is sleek, available in 13 colors, and comes equipped with convenient features such as the hinge lock and the leak-proof spout lid. There is also a wide loop handle for easier carrying.

Takeya Kids 14 oz Bottle

Do you have little outdoor enthusiasts in your family? If so, they need to keep themselves hydrated while exploring the wild, and for that, they need their own water bottles. Is Takeya’s model the perfect option for your kid?

This kid’s water bottle is made out of 18/8 stainless steel and can be obtained in 12 different colors. It features double-walled insulation that provides decent results, as well as the powder-coated design that makes the bottle very easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.

The best thing about this affordable kid’s water bottle is that it’s equipped with a folding straw lid. It allows for easy one-handed drinking on the go and is leak-proof when closed securely. In my opinion, this product is a great solution for active children, whether they’re going to use it on the playground or while exploring the Great Outdoors with their parents.

Takeya Wide Handle 64 oz Bottle

If you’re not on a budget and need a genuinely well-made, high-capacity bottle, this one may be an ideal option for you. As the name suggests, this model can hold enough water to allow you to keep yourself hydrated for a long time, or to share the beverage with a group.

Just like all other Takeya bottles I’ve analyzed above, this one is also insulated. It is also extremely durable – made out of kitchen-grade stainless steel and featuring a silicone bumper, this model does not get damaged that easily. If you’re looking for a solid and sturdy Takeya water bottle, this is probably your best choice.

Besides the extra-wide handle, which makes carrying this bottle as easy as it gets, another feature I really liked is the model’s leak-proof, insulated spout lid. Its wide mouth, on the other hand, allows for quick and effortless cleaning and ice cube filling.

When exploring comparisons like Hydrapeak and Yeti, it’s intriguing to observe how these brands navigate the balance between durability and user-friendly design. Both Hydrapeak and Yeti have garnered attention for their robust construction and thoughtful features, ensuring that users have a reliable companion for their hydration needs across various adventures.

Takeya Straw 24 oz Tumbler

Takeya’s tumblers are just as good as their regular water bottles, and this particular model is a great example. While it’s available in only three colors, I think that this 24 oz straw tumbler sports a very attractive, minimalistic design, especially in the “Arctic” variant.

Its main selling point is its double-walled insulation – the cup is capable of keeping one’s beverages ice-cold for up to 24 hours, which is seriously impressive. It is made out of stainless steel and comes with a powder coat finish, which, as you can already guess, provides the user with a secure grip.

Another thing I liked about this tumbler is its leak-proof straw. Keep in mind that the straw is leak-proof only when it’s folded, though. Another thing worth mentioning here is that the manufacturer recommends hand washing, although I haven’t noticed any issues upon washing this tumbler in the dishwasher.

Yeti – The Most Popular Products

Yeti bottles

Yeti Rambler 26 oz Bottle

Out of all Yeti water bottles available on the market, this one is my favorite – its shape, size, and ease of use turn it into a perfect option for all those looking for a genuinely well-made insulated stainless steel bottle. As I wrote above not everyone is in the Yeti budget, so maybe it is worth reading what the best alternatives to Yeti are.

The model is exceptionally resistant to dents and punctures due to its 18/8 stainless steel construction. The complexity of its dual-lid design does not make it prone to leaks – when the lids are completely tightened down, the bottle is fully leak-proof. Its smooth rim and wide mouth, on the other hand, make drinking and filling effortless.

Built to last and easy to use and clean, it’s no wonder why this is the most popular Yeti product on the market. Personally, I consider it to be one of the best water bottles of this type ever created.

Other Yeti reviews include Polar Camel vs Yeti and Yeti vs Hydro Flask and another just recently published Walmart’s Ozark Trail vs Yeti.

Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Here we have yet another best-selling product from this renowned company – the Rambler 20 oz Tumbler. Coming at around $100, this is an extremely well-made tumbler without any major flaws.

Just as I expected, the model features double-walled vacuum insulation and is made out of high-quality stainless steel. Besides the insulation, another feature that prevents the cold or heat from escaping is the tumbler’s MagSlider lid. The model’s exterior is covered with the DuraCoat coating – you won’t have to worry about fading, peeling, or cracking.

Is this tumbler worth the price? It absolutely is. This is one of the best heavy-duty tumblers you can get on today’s market, and a purchase you certainly won’t regret making.

Yeti Rambler 14 Oz Mug

Here we have something completely different – a mug for outdoor enthusiasts. However, unlike your regular camp mug made out of aluminum, this one sports a stainless steel construction and double-walled insulation that not only maintains the temperature of your drink but also protects your hands from the cold or hot contents of the mug.

Equipped with the regular Rambler 30 oz lid, this mug has an exceptionally wide opening. However, the thing I liked the most is its handle – its full name is Triple Grip Handle, and, as the name suggests, it is very comfortable for folks with wider hands such as myself. The well-known DuraCoat finish is also here, as is the completely BPA-free design of the mug and the fact that it can be washed in the dishwasher.

The only major drawback of the Yeti Rambler 14 oz mug is that it’s not that good when it comes to keeping tea or coffee hot for a long time, although that’s something I expected from a product of this size.

Yeti Rambler Kids 12 oz Bottle

Is this kid’s water bottle better than the one offered by Takeya? In my opinion, it is. While it’s not available in as many colors, it sports a better construction and easily withstands the inevitable drops.

Furthermore, this model features the so-called “No Sweat Design” – in other words, its exterior is covered with Yeti’s proprietary DuraCoat coating that provides a better grip. Of course, the double-walled vacuum insulation is here as well, and it will keep your kid’s drink cold or hot until the last sip.

Other features worth mentioning are the shatter and leak-resistant straw cap and the fact that this kid’s bottle is dishwasher-safe. It goes without saying, but the model’s construction is completely BPA-Free, too – your child will be able to drink safely and without a worry in the world.

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug

Products such as these show us that Yeti has a much more versatile lineup of drinkware than Takeya. When you need a lot of cold water or hot tea for yourself and your trekking crew, this convenient half-gallon jug can come in very handy.

Available in two colors, this piece of drinkware comes equipped with Yeti’s proprietary MagCap. The best thing about this special lid is that it locks into its dock, allowing you and other people to drink without worry. Obviously, the heavy-duty insulation is also here – your beverage will stay steamy or frosty for hours.

In my opinion, this is yet another phenomenal member of the Rambler family and a fantastic option for families or groups of hikers who need a lot of hot coffee or icy-cold water at their campsites.

Yeti Rambler 10 oz Wine Tumbler

The final Yeti product I’m going to analyze is also the most unusual one – a wine tumbler. Those who enjoy drinking wine during their backcountry escapades should seriously consider getting this tumbler. If you don’t mind its (high) price, that is.

Yeti makes most of its products out of kitchen-grade stainless steel, and the same is true for this wine tumbler. In other words, this thing is rust-resistant, puncture-resistant, and extremely durable. As always, the stainless steel construction is coupled with double-walled insulation and a peel-resistant DuraCoat finish.

The only drawback of this product is pretty obvious – it doesn’t hold much wine. However, if you’re someone who enjoys his wine in small sips – as I do – this shouldn’t be an issue. Also, keep in mind that the Yeti Rambler 10 oz is actually a very versatile product, and can also be used as a martini glass or for any other beverage you like to drink at your campsite.

While the Yeti wine tumbler, with its kitchen-grade stainless steel and DuraCoat finish, is a premium choice for outdoor enthusiasts, the Yeti vs Stanley comparison introduces another perspective. Stanley, with its longstanding reputation for rugged outdoor gear, offers wine tumblers that might not have the same capacity constraints as the Yeti.

Takeya vs Yeti – The Verdict

So, who’s the winner of this comparison? Truth be told, both of these companies design, manufacture, and sell bottles and other drinkware that is functional, practical, and easy on the eye.

However, Yeti’s products cost more for a good reason. These are feature-rich and extremely well-built bottles, tumblers, and mugs whose versatility is simply unmatched on the market. So, if you’re not on a budget and want the best of the best when it comes to insulated bottles and similar products, look no further than Yeti.

If you would like to know more about Takeya products, on the other hand, check out my Takeya Actives vs Originals comparison. And if you definitely want to go for Yeti, but are not sure which size to choose, check out our Yeti 36 oz vs 46 oz comparison.

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