ThermoFlask vs Takeya 

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at the most popular reusable water bottles manufactured and sold by these two companies. ThermoFlask’s range of products isn’t as wide as that of Takeya, so I’ll be analyzing more bottles made by the latter brand.

To stay hydrated, one needs to drink more liquids, and that’s something everybody knows. However, this also brings a major environmental concern into play – millions upon millions of water bottles end up on dumping grounds all over the world.

That’s precisely why more and more people are turning their minds to reusable water bottles, the best of which are produced by renowned brands such as ThermoFlask and Takeya. Which one of these two brands is better? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

ThermoFlask – The Most Popular Products

ThermoFlask bottles

ThermoFlask 24 oz Insulated Bottle

Probably the most popular ThermoFlask product on the market, this bottle is held in high regard by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. While not flawless, it has everything you may need from a hiking bottle – great design, practicality, and rugged construction.

Available in 5 different colors, the ThermoFlask 24 oz Insulated Bottle features, as its name suggests, double-walled vacuum insulation. While it can’t keep the beverage hot for a whole 12 hours as its manufacturer states, the model is more than capable of maintaining the temperature of your tea or coffee for a decent amount of time.

ThermoFlask 24 oz comes with two lids – the newly improved straw lead and the innovative (and leak-proof) chug lid. It is made out of BPA-free stainless steel, features a sweat-free design, and comes at a genuinely affordable price. What more could one want?

ThermoFlask 40 oz Spout Straw Bottle

The design of this model is very similar to that of the one described above. Personally, I prefer this bottle over the 24 oz Insulated Bottle I’ve just analyzed, mostly because I find its interchangeable straw and spout lids to be extremely practical and useful.

As a bottle made by ThermoFlask, the model features quality construction – this thing won’t get dented that easily if you drop it accidentally. The main material used in its manufacture is kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which is not only BPA-free (and therefore completely safe) but also rust-resistant. The sweat-free design, on the other hand, prevents condensation and provides the user with a good grip.

Just as I expected, the bottle is much better at keeping water icy cold than keeping tea or coffee steamy hot. It’s a great choice for summer day hikes and general around-town use.

ThermoFlask 17 oz Travel Mug

Behind this interesting name hides one of the most practical drinkware products ever designed by ThermoFlask. As its name suggests, the Travel Mug is cupholder-friendly and provides the user with a quick and easy way to hydrate himself or herself while driving the car.

However, since it comes equipped with a convenient carry handle, the Travel Mug is great for general trekking and campsite use, too. ThermoFlask states that it can maintain the temperature of cold liquids for up to 24 hours and hot beverages for up to 12 hours. In reality, the Travel Mug struggles to achieve these results, but it will keep your drinks hot or cold for a decent amount of time.

Other features worth mentioning are the wide-contoured lip and the aerated, leak-proof FlipLock lid. If you need a mug with a bottle silhouette to keep yourself hydrated in the car, you won’t make a mistake by going with this one.

ThermoFlask 14 oz Kids Bottle

The last ThermoFlask product I’m going to analyze in this comparison is their 14 oz Kids Bottle. Brightly colored and exceptionally lightweight, this model is a phenomenal solution to your little one’s hydration needs while he or she is exploring the backcountry with you, or just having fun at the local playground.

As a vacuum-insulated water bottle, the model is capable of keeping the liquid cold for a duration of one whole day and it does this job fairly well. ThermoFlask’s signature sweat-free design is also here – there’s never any condensation, which, when combined with the loop-top feature, makes it very hard to drop this bottle – even for a kid.

One thing I particularly liked about this kid’s bottle is how easy it is to open and close its straw lid. Finally, the entire product is made out of toxin-free stainless steel and can be obtained together with another bottle in an affordable 2-pack.

Takeya – The Most Popular Products

Takeya stainless steel bottle

Takeya Originals 40 oz Bottle

The very first Takeya bottle I’ll analyze is also one of the company’s most popular. Wearing the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, this model is truly one of the best products of its type you can purchase on today’s market. What’s so great about it?

One of the best features of this bottle is its leak-proof spout lid. Sporting an innovative hinge lock, the lid allows for quick and easy one-handed pouring and drinking. The build quality, on the other hand, also deserves words of praise – this is a rugged stainless steel bottle whose durability is further increased by the presence of a special powder coating, which also promotes a secure grip.

The bottle is also very easy to open thanks to its grippy silicone band, while its wide loop handle allows for easy carrying. Finally, the model maintains the temperature of the drink really well, especially when it comes to cold liquids.

Takeya Actives 32 oz Bottle

Here we have yet another extremely popular Takeya product and my favorite bottle made by this company. As the name says, this model is a member of Takeya’s Actives lineup and is therefore exceptionally practical when it comes to one-handed drinking on the go.

Just like most other bottles made by this Californian company with Japanese roots, this particular model is also made out of stainless steel and is, therefore, very rugged and durable. What’s more, its durability is increased by the presence of a removable silicone bumper. The sweat-free design, on the other hand, provides a better grip and protects hands from hot or cold beverages.

The convenient features of this bottle are numerous – it has a wide mouth, an insulated spout lid, a hinge lock, and a wide loop handle. Once we combine these practical features with the model’s capability to keep drinks cold or hot for hours on end, we get a water bottle whose immense popularity is well-deserved.

Takeya Traveler 17 oz Travel Mug

Available in 12 different colors, the Traveler 17 oz Travel Mug is yet another feature-rich product from Takeya and something that definitely deserves a closer look. Is this the right solution to your hydration-on-the-go needs?

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about the Travel Mug is its FlipLock lid, which is completely leak-proof and which aerates hot beverages. Of course, as a mug made out of BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel and which features double-walled insulation, it is capable of maintaining the temperature of your beverages and withstanding daily wear and tear.

As a member of Takeya’s Traveler lineup, the mug sports a very slim profile and is cupholder friendly. In addition, it is compatible with single-serve coffee brewers. As such, it’s a perfect option for those who are always on the go and yet another great Takeya product I highly recommend.

Takeya Kids 14 oz Bottle

This particular bottle sports most of the convenient and practical features found on other Takeya products, albeit in a small package. As such, I consider it to be one of the better kid’s bottles available on the market, rivaling the ones offered by Yeti (if you are interested in Yeti, read my Yeti vs Ozark Trail comparison).

The first thing to notice about the Takeya Kids 14 oz Bottle is its folding straw. It is located at the top of the model’s lid and, when it’s securely closed, it is completely leak-proof. This feature makes it easy for the kid to drink on the go, whether he or she is on the playground or exploring the backcountry together with parents.

The model is also very durable due to its stainless steel construction that is combined with a protective silicone bumper. In addition, its exterior is covered by a special powder coating whose job is to provide the child with a better grip.

Takeya Wide Handle 64 oz Bottle

The biggest advantage of this bottle is pretty obvious – its capacity. Capable of housing 64 fluid ounces of your favorite drink, the Takeya Wide Handle 64 oz Bottle is perfect for sharing with a group. If you need a new high-capacity insulated bottle for around-the-campsite use, this one is a fine choice.

And carrying this bottle around the campsite is as easy as it gets – it comes equipped with a wide, easy-grip handle. The model is also exceptionally durable due to its stainless steel construction and the silicone bumper at its bottom. One thing I particularly liked is how well its double-walled insulation works – the bottle effortlessly manages to maintain the temperature of your tea or coffee for more than 10 hours.

Finally, the model features a twist cap lid and its exterior is smooth and sweat-free. It’s one of the best bottles of this size currently available on the market.

Takeya Tritan Sports 18 oz Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated while exercising is crucial. And for that, you need a good sports water bottle that you’ll be able to easily drink out from with just one hand. That is precisely where Takeya’s Tritan Sports 18 oz model comes in.

What makes this bottle so great for active folks is its innovative spout lid, which is combined with a hinge lock whose job is to keep the cap away while you’re drinking. Furthermore, the plastic out of which this bottle is made is not only BPA-free (and therefore completely safe) but also fully shatterproof.

Other features worth mentioning are the wide mouth, which allows for easy cleaning and filling, as well as the fact that this sports bottle is dishwasher safe. It is, in my opinion, a great option for runners – you will love its low weight and the ease of use.

Takeya Straw 24 oz Tumbler

Here we have Takeya’s most popular tumbler, available in only three colors but more than capable of keeping your drink ice-cold for hours. While it isn’t as well-made as tumblers offered by the world’s most popular manufacturer of insulated drinkware – Yeti – this tumbler is undoubtedly a worthwhile purchase.

That’s because it’s made out of stainless steel and makes one-handed drinking on the go as easy as it gets. Moreover, its straw lid becomes completely leak-proof once you close it, while the powder coat finish ensures a good grip no matter how sweaty your hands are.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the tumbler is made out of BPA-free materials, so there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals or anything similar. Finally, the model’s wide mouth makes filling and cleaning exceptionally easy.

Takeya Glass & Silicone 22 oz Bottle

The very last Takeya bottle I’m going to analyze is not made out of stainless steel, like most of them are. This one features a glass and silicone construction, which means that it can’t keep your drink hot or cold. However, not everybody is looking for insulation when shopping for a water bottle.

Obviously, the silicone sleeve of this model provides the user with an excellent grip but also gives the bottle a weight-balanced feel. The glass used in its construction is lead-free, while the model’s airtight twist cap makes drinking on the go quick and effortless.

Finally, this bottle comes with a handy carry hook, which allows the user to attach it to his or her belt. If you want to avoid plastic or metallic tastes at all costs, you won’t make a mistake by going with this model.

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ThermoFlask vs Takeya – The Verdict

So, which one of these two brands is better? Which one designs better bottles, mugs, and tumblers?

In my opinion, this is a battle without a winner. While it’s true that Takeya offers a wider range of products, most of their drinkware is just as good as that of ThermoFlask, whether we’re talking about insulation, build quality, or sheer practicality.

In summary, you won’t make a mistake by going with either of these brands. None of them are as good as Yeti, but both offer bottles and other products that are well-designed, functional, and exceptionally easy to use.

Check out my Takeya Actives vs Original comparison as well if you are interested in Takeya products. And if you want to check out products similar to Thermoflask, check out our Thermoflask vs Iron Flask comparison.

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