Best time to walk the Pennine Way

Best Time to Walk the Pennine Way

Weather is one of the factors that make this one of the toughest walks in the UK. To be prepared, check out this guide on the best time to walk the Pennine Way.

Planning for the Pennine Way

Planning for the Pennine Way

Planning such a big and demanding adventure can be hard work. To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a guide to planning for the Pennine Way.

Packing list for the Pennine Way

Packing List for the Pennine Way

It is key to be prepared for any event when walking a long-distance trail. To help you out., we’ve put together a packing list for the Pennine Way.

Woman on the Pennine Way

5 Alternatives to the Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is one small part of what the UK has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the best alternatives to this famous National Trail of England.

Ben Lomond

10 Day Walks Near Glasgow

Despite the fact that Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, it is still very easy to find day walks near Glasgow and get into the wilderness.

Sunset over Loch Lomond

15 Day Trips From Glasgow

Aside from being a popular tourist attraction, Glasgow is also an ideal base to explore Scotland from. Here are the best 15 day trips from Glasgow.

Mugdock Castle

Where to Eat on the West Highland Way

As Scotland’s most popular long-distance route, the West Highland Way is teeming with restaurants, pubs, B&Bs, hotels, and hostels. Here are the best ones.

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