Planning Rest Days on the Camino de Santiago

Table of Contents1 Why a Rest Day?1.1 Two Trains of Thought1.2 St Jean Pied de Port1.3 Pamplona1.4 Burgos1.5 Ponferrada1.6 Santiago de Compostela For most people walking the Camino de Santiago means a month walking across northern Spain covering about 800 km, (500 miles). So it is not surprising that most of us plan on a…

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A Typical Day on the Camino

Leslie Anna 13km from Santiago

My typical day on the Camino de Santiago started about 6am. I was a mature student before hiking the on the Camino de Santiago for the first time; at that time I would have been doing well if I was awake before 9am, (I had got into student life and loved it). So six in the morning was initially…

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Newbie Mistakes on The Camino de Santiago

Table of Contents1 First Mistake1.1 Walk at Your Own Pace1.2 Mistake number four: many beginners start too fast. To be honest, I wanted to get your attention with the title of this blog post. I guess it worked if you are reading this now 🙂 Great. Now that we are here I would like to…

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Walking the Camino de Santiago with Children

Camino with children

Table of Contents1 0-5 years old Children – Toddlers2 6-12 years old Children3 13+ Walking the Camino With Teenagers4 Bottom Line Walking the Camino is without a doubt an extraordinary experience – but what about walking the Camino de Santiago with children? An escape, an adventure in time where too many things are planned out…

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Why Walk the Camino de Santiago

Evening meal in Grannon

Table of Contents1 The Camino Frances1.1 More Capable than I Believed1.2 So Why Walk the Camino? In 2004 I first walked the Camino Frances the main Camino de Santiago route; I first wrote this article in 2009 and thought it could do with some updating. I was a student at the time and I wanted…

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Celebrate Your Retirement and Walk The Camino!

This is a post from Des O’Dowd, thanks. I retired on the 1st of September 2008 and I wanted to celebrate my new life and new freedom. The Camino de Santiago was the challenge and adventure I needed. So in late September, like children going on a school tour, myself and my fellow retiree Pat…

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Top Ten Things About Camino de Santiago

meseta route on the Camino

I was asked recently what would be my top ten things about the Camino de Santiago – so here it is. 1. The people, the other pilgrims. The other pilgrims I met is my number one on the Camino, all Camino routes. I feel I was blessed. I don’t like crowds, however, I do in…

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How Long is the Camino de Santiago Distance?

Table of Contents1 Camino Frances – Distance 780 km about 500 Miles2 Camino Portuguese 600 km or 370 Miles3 Camino del Norte – The Northern Route 830 km or 515 Miles4 Camino Primitivo – 260km or 160 Miles4.1 Camino Ingles – The English Way – 110 km or 68 Miles4.2 Via de la Plata –…

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Reasons to Walk the Camino de Santiago

Table of Contents1 Time Out1.1 A Challenge1.2 Religious2 Because it is There and I am a Walker You have to be fairly motivated to walk the Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in North West Spain – as it is 800km.  Usually 800km with your rucksack…

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Blister Prevention for the Camino de Santiago

blister stages

Table of Contents1 Take These 10 Blister Tips on Your Camino1.1 WRAPPING UP1.2 BIO What’s the most common injury experienced on the Camino de Santiago? Without doubt, foot blisters! They’re painful. They’re frustrating. They take precious time, effort and skill to look after. They make you walk differently and that can stir up other aches…

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