Hooked on the Camino

I wonder if there if something that for many of us we do not get from our daily life.  I have met and talked to many people who have walked the Camino Frances more than once.  Walking the Camino Frances is a fairly big commitment in the way of time and money. I got thinking […]

Cycling the Camino de Santiago

This is one of the best Camino videos I have seen, although I have not cycled the Camino de Santiago I would love to and as life has become busier it seems like this mode of travel will be used on my next Camino.  The problem I have is that I am not adept at […]

Dara Haskins

Dara Haskins was my friend. He died, on the 18th Aug 2005 aged just 30, while I was walking the Camino in 2005. It was due to him that I found out about the Camino. He used to go on about this bloody walk in northern Spain. To me it did not sound like fun, […]

Camino de Santiago Poem

by Syl Nilsen El Camino de Santiago We trained for months to walk the trail Got all the guide books in the mail We knew that we would never fail el Camino de Santiago. We caught the bus on our first day to Roncesvalles, and I must say that the twisting roads blew me away […]

Foot Care on the Camino

I received a mail from a friend last night who is currently walking the Camino Frances. She was asking for advice about her feet and telling me about the problems. that inspired this post. The first time I walked the Camino I had no idea about foot care, I had never walked for more than […]

Sarria to Santiago de Compostela – Last Section of the Camino Frances

This video was produced by the Spanish Tourist Board that looks after the area around Galicia where all the Caminos to Santiago finish at Santiago de Compostela.  You can, however, keep walking to what was known as the “end of the world” at Cape Finisterre.  Most pilgrims would at least get the bus to Finisterre […]

Camino Aragones

The Camino Aragon camino starts in Somport and joins the main French route at Puente la Reina.  I walked it in 2004 after I had walked the main French route, it was quiet and deserted, there was not many hostels but it was great; also it had a completely different feels to it compared to […]

The Main Hostel in Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles was my first taste of a “real” albergue. 120 pilgrims in one large room – oh my God, I thought, is this what it is going to be like for the next four weeks? Yes and no. The offical hostels at Roncesvalles is the largest one room hostel along the whole Camino – as […]

Camino de Santiago – I have no idea what you hold for me.

Friday 23rd of July 2004 I caught a plane to Paris from Dublin. It was summer, I was happy as I had just finished my first year of university. I was a mature student and loved the opportunity I had to study full time, something I had avoided when I was younger. I was setting […]

El Acebo on the Camino Frances

Today one year ago I was in El Acebo on the Camino Frances. I had had enough of sharing in a pilgrims hostel and had decided on a room to my self, (€20). I had only walked 17km from Rabanal, I was tired and very sore. I had been taken from an albergue a few […]