Triacastela Spain


This small town, founded in the 9th century, (about 700 inhabitants), has the slightly grandiose name of the Three Castles – none of which still …

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Rabanal del Camino Spain

Rabanal del Camino

Rabanal, (pop 60), is a good resting place before making your way over the mountain, Monte Irago, in the morning. When I first passed here …

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O Cebreiro on the Camino

O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro is the first village in Galicia, it has just over 1,200 inhabitants and sits at 1,293 meters (4242 ft). Due to the location, …

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Pilgrim Hostels

An albergue is a hostel for pilgrims walking or cycling the Camino de Santiago. The straight translation of albergue is hostel.

Camino with children

Walking the Camino de Santiago with Children

Walking the Camino is without a doubt an extraordinary experience – but what about walking the Camino de Santiago with children?

An escape, an adventure in time where too many things are planned out and controlled. But it’s not always easy to get away, especially if you are taking care of more than yourself. Perhaps you have been dreaming about this.


Dara Haskins

Dara Haskins was my friend. He died, on the 18th Aug 2005 aged just 30, while I was walking the Camino in 2005. It was due to him that I found out about the Camino. He used to go on about this bloody walk in northern Spain. To me it did not sound like fun, but hell. The idea of walking every day for weeks, no room to myself, sharing in hostels with many others – not a way I thought to spend a precious summer. Eventually he convinced me. I had many misgivings about the whole idea, but I set off to start from St Jean in southern France. My life has changed as the result of this and, I suppose therefore, because of Dara. It does sound strong to say life changing, but for a cynic like me it has been.

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