Camino Directory

If you want your Camino de Santiago site listed here, please email me caminoadventures {at}; the name of the site, a description, and URL.  I do want to list all the best resources on the Camino, but I also have to avoid sending visitors to non-relevant sites, so only blogs or sites that have good information will be listed.

Camino Blogs

Here is a list of good blogs on the Camino de Santiago.  You will find that some of them may be dated, but they still offer good information on what it is like walking one of the Camino routes.

If you would like your blog listed on this page, fill your information in on the contact page.  We are open to anyone who traveled the Camino writing a guest post – again let me know on the contact page.

Magwood has the advantage of living in Spain.  A great resource for many Camino routes.

Clear Skies Camino – David’s blog on the Camino so far spans 2 Camino routes and many times down the Camino Frances since 2011 to the present.

The Camino Provides: A Camino blog dedicated to sharing all good things about the Camino de Santiago, and celebrating the pilgrim’s journey – from the Camino Calling to the Compostela, and beyond.

Following the Arrows – excellent information on the Camino and various other walking routes.

Highlanders Camino Blog Posts – one of the many serial Camino walkers, lots of information about other walking routes.

Tom walked the Camino Frances in 2011, again in 2013, and the Via de la Plata in 2014 with some great photos.  Day by day journals.

Sandy’s Camino – this is written by Sandy the main moderator of our forum.  He is funny and detailed, this is a very good read.

Follow the Camino – a well-written blog by Follow the Camino.

A Road to Santiago – Jay supplies custom maps of the Camino.

Confraternity Sites

Information sites

Most of these websites are personally owned.
It is a lot of work keeping them up to date – most webmaster would like you to link to their site. So if you find a favorite and have your own site or blog give them a link. Thanks.

  • Wise Pilgrim – good guides and iPhone apps for the Camino routes.
  • Backpack45 – Good site on Camino also other long distance walks.
  • Camino de Santiago – the best Dutch site on the Camino
  • O Camino Portugues de Santiago – O Caminho Portugues de Santiago – Southern route in depth
  • Pilgrims Progress – Huge site
  • Camino Links – As it says, largest English list of links.
  • Santiago Today – A great forum Camino site.
  • Mundicamino – A great site in six languages.
  • Caminho de Santiago de Compostela – The Begining of the St James Way in the web. All of the information you need to cross the “Camino de Santiago”. In Portuguese, English and Spanish language. Strong site, started in Brazil.
  • Camino Santiago Compostela Pilgrimage – Good info on different Camino routes.
  • Norwegian Camino site – only in Norwegian.
  • Pilgern – Information on the Camino and of the pilgrimage. Pilgrimages for groups on the Camino by foot through Switzerland, France, and Spain. In German, French, and Spanish.
  • Asociacion de Amigos del Camino de la Comunidad Valenciana – Good Spanish site.
  • Pilgrims Tales – Articles about walking the Camino, Via Francigena, and St. Olav’s Way. I’m currently walking from France to Jerusalem; info about that trip is also included, as well as a pilgrimage trek across Tibet.
  • Jakobswag – In this website the routes of St. James in Switzerland are described and illustrated. Starting at the German border (Konstanz and Rorschach) this historic route leads the pilgrim via St. Gallen – Einsiedeln to the lake of Lucerne and from there via the Bernese Oberland to Fribourg and further down to the lake of Geneva: There it connects with the Route of St James in France.  The well maintained and marked pilgrim path crosses fields and forests and passes along beautiful lakes. In the Bernese Oberland the pilgrim is exposed to the snow-covered Swiss Alps.
  • – In this website the lately started an international project  “Europäische Jakobswege” (European Routes of St. James) is described.  Germany, Austria, and Switzerland participate in this project and other partners from different European countries, e.g. France, Poland a.s.o,  are connected to a common network.  The goal of the project is to activate and promote the Route of St James in all the regions.
  • The Camino de Santiago by Alex Paterson – A very interesting site illustrating Alex’s observations, worth a read even if not going on Camino.
  • Santiago Route – Camino de Santiago pages from the Hiking in Europe web site.
  • La web de la Asociación Galega de Amigos do Camiño de Santiago – Spanish site.
  • The trails of St. James in Switzerland – Swiss hiking website with an own site on the several pilgrim’s ways through Switzerland.
  • Hiking the Camino de Santiago – Good information and their own Camino book.

Other Interesting Links

  • Archdiocese of Santiago – Good site on motivations of pilgrims.
  • A Road to Santiago – custom maps for the Camino
  • Campus Stellae – University site that issues special a Compostella to students and teachers. Site in a few languages.
  • Association for The Establishment of European Pilgrimage Routes – This association is currently building up the pilgrimage Route from Canterbury to Rome (Via Francigena).In 2005 EUROVIA published a DVD-documentary in 5 languages about the Via Francigena.
  • Pilgrims Tales. – Author Brandon Wilson site which covers many of his walks (Camino de Santiago included) and treks throughout the world but esp in Tibet. A great site to browse through.