A New Camino Route in Italy

In 2010 a new Camino to Santiago has been restored and marked with 1000 stickers in Italy by the small association “Amici del cammino di Santiago da Venezia”. The idea was to give the same spirit as on the camino de Santiago .

The new pilgrimage route is a connection into old pilgrimage routes in the perspective of walking about 2500 km… a very long and lonely distance to Santiago.

The route from Venice is about 300 km and the walk is along the two of rivers of “Adige” and “Po”.

This Camino is almost all along dirt roads and cycling routes; a kind of long meseta, hot and humid in summer and cold in winter.

Then the Camino joins the “Francigena” in Fidenza where the route is marked differently and even the road and the albergues are different. Once in France on the GR 653D, pilgrims will walk on the Arles route and than to Santiago

You can get a geographical idea by checking the map: http://venicetosantiago.com/mappe.php

No pilgrims have done all the way entirely from Venice to Santiago and is strongly raccomended to download gps track at https://www.gpsies.com/mapUser.do?username=venicetosantiago .

Along the Camino have also been institutes sorts of “albergues” but do not expect to find the same albergues as in Spain, in most of the cases pilgrims will have to sleep on the floor.

Due to the low budget the association website hasn’t been translated in foreigner languages but writing to venicetosantiago@gmail.com you can get a list of albergues and hotels. The list is gaven in italian but is very easy to understand.

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  1. seventyseventhMark October 13, 2013 at 12:20 am - Reply

    Hello there,

    Im very interested in the Italian walk. How would I get some details?

    • Eve Agiakatsika October 25, 2013 at 4:22 am - Reply

      Hello there, I am also interested in walking the Italian route. When I asked they told me that it is not a popular route and not many people walk it. They also mentioned that it is more expensive and not as organised as the Spanish one. I would kindly appreciate any further information. Thanking you.

  2. siobhan November 2, 2014 at 9:42 am - Reply

    I am interested in doing the Italian way, where does the walk start from and how many km’s

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