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Camino de Santiago is A Journey For the Masses

“But I don’t think I can walk that far.” “You can,” I protest. “The Camino is completely different from the Appalachian Trail.” “How so?” This is a sample conversation that I have had with countless potential pilgrims. Believe it or not, some of these conversations have been fruitful (resulting in the person deciding to attempt the popular Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Europe). The Camino de Santiago was actually a big part of European life during medieval times. It is said that 500,000 [...]


Camino Voices

The tapas was excellent – so good that a restauranteur from a smart part of Bilbao was raving as much as I was as we nibbled plate after plate. I ought to know. I had tried most of the dishes which kept being passed through the hatch every few minutes. The chef behind loved playing with vegetable combinations. One minute it would be her inventive take on the classic tomato spread over toast that had me snapping up several [...]


Walking for Peace

I met Mony, one of the authors of Walking for Peace, at a conference about the Camino de Santiago in October 2015.  I found Mony an engaging person to chat with and discovered during one of our talks that she had written this book. Because of that, I bought and read the book. “Walking for Peace, an inner journey” is co-authored by Mony Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso.  The book is the result of Mony wishing to walk from Rome to [...]


The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett Book Review

I asked for book suggestions a few weeks back on the Camino Facebook page and on the weekly newsletter and The Way, My Way by Bill Bennett was suggested in both, so I bought it and read. First off so you don’t have to read to the end to get my overall view – this is the best Camino de Santiago travelogue that I have read to date. It is funny, at points heart wrenching, insightful, and like the best [...]


Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found

I enjoyed reading Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed. I found the book very gritty, ruthlessly honest and inspiring. All that from a book that at first glance is about walking the Pacific Crest Trail. It is, but the book is also about Cheryl’s life to that point. You can buy the book on Amazon Kindle here – Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail or the movie, here are the links for UK Kindle and [...]

The Camino

A Million Steps by Kurt Koontz

It is not often that I find myself being judgmental of an author while reading his or her book, but with Kurt I was.  We are of similar ages, backgrounds, both of us had addiction issues and both of us left those behind many years ago – even though they are still something that defines us.  So, sorry Kurt, although I enjoyed reading the book, initially I was not going to write anything about it.  However, after my other [...]

Buen Camino! Book Review

Buen Camino! by Natasha & Peter Murtagh – Book Review

If you are looking to get a very good impression of the Camino Frances or bring back some of the memories from your own journey you can’t go wrong with this book.  I found myself unable to put the book down and wanted to read what happened next – something I am used to in a good novel, but this is real life. The book is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK here, both as paperback and in kindle form.The book, [...]