What About Medical Help & Health Care?

Concerns about health care and medical help while on the Camino is one of my most common asked questions.  You can read some reports from pilgrims on the Camino here about their experience with the Spanish health care system. For all those that reside within the twenty-eight countries of the EU taking the E111 card is a must, the card is also known as the European Health Card.  The card is issued from your own country of residence and entitles the holder to free emergency treatment.  If you are from outside of the EU I strongly suggest you have some travel insurance, [...]

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Preparing for the Camino Frances

After quite a few years it looks like I am going to have the time this year to go back and walk a reasonable part of the Camino Frances.  The last time I walked was in 2005, I had also [...]

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How Much Does A Pilgrims Passport Cost

A pilgrim’s passport is the identification that is used along the various Caminos to prove that you are a pilgrim and that you have walked and stayed in the places along the way.  It is just a simple card with enough space to collect stamps from various hostels and albergues. There are only a few places that can issue a pilgrims passport that will be accepted for the Compostela.  Most home Confraternities can issue them, apart from that they must be the official one issued by the Cathedral in Santiago, these can be picked up at most hostels along the way. The cost is only a [...]

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How to get to Fromista

I was out hill walking at the weekend and got talking with someone who has been walking the Camino Frances one week at a time.  She was telling me that they are due to start again in September sometime, they had their flights booked - but they were having problems getting from Santander to Fromista. Most people get surprised once they start investigating to discover how good the Spanish transport network is.  The train and bus service is generally of a very high standard and from my own experience they normally run on time. Any back to getting to Fromista - [...]

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