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I have just finished writing and published my Camino de Santiago guidebook ebook on the Camino Frances – The French way from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela.  It is available on Amazon only at present, here are the links to each English language store:, Amazon UK, Canada, Australia.

book-cover copyIt is possible to walk the Camino de Santiago – only the French Route – without a guide book. On my first Camino I had a large guide book that contained maps for each day and very detailed history, I had borrowed it so could not leave it at an Albergue as a reference guide for others and had to carry it the whole way – it was far too heavy. Bear this in mind.

So if you are taking a guide book with you – pack light. It is almost impossible to get lost on the French Route, therefore the guide book should be more about the areas, points of interest etc. An additional map is a waste for route finding as the Camino is very well marked.  On the back of the pilgrims passport there are some maps, also they can be collected along the way, free and single sheet in each region, also you can download free maps here.

What is in My Guidebook?

As I always say, there will be mistakes.  To help fix as many of these as possible my email address is listed within the guidebook, this will help me to update information as quickly as possible – one of the advantages of an ebook.

I wrote the book I would like.  It contains all of the following:

  • maps and elevations for each of the 32 sections
  • list of albergues for each village, town, and city
  • cost and facilities in each albergue including internet, washing, meals, breakfast, and bike storage
  • web addresses and telephone numbers where available for albergues, how to book ahead
  • outline of each day
  • points of interest – this includes some history, myths, and legends where I found them interesting
  • packing list, travel – how to get there, with web addresses
  • baggage carrying companies
  • a big list of frequently asked questions
  • some photos

This is the first time I have written a travel guidebook and it will likely change and evolve based on feedback – this website, (and the forum), which I have been running since 2006 has become better as the result of feedback.  Feel free to email me Leslie at



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