Hiking Shoe Reviews

Are Keen Shoes Good?

Are Keen Shoes Good – Is Keen a Good Brand?

You want well-made shoes that offer maximum support and comfort, and you’ve been recommended Keen. But are Keen shoes REALLY good? Let’s find out.

Are Columbia shoes good?

Are Columbia Shoes Good?

You see Columbia shoes everywhere, so you’re wondering: is it all marketing or are Columbia shoes really that good? This post will answer all of your questions.

Are Merrell shoes good?

Are Merrell Hiking Shoes Good?

Are Merrell shoes good for your hiking needs? This detailed brand review has all the information you need to come to the right conclusion.

Columbia vs Merrell hiking shoes

Columbia vs Merrell Hiking Shoes

If your search for the best hiking shoes has boiled down to Columbia vs Merrell, this review and comparison has all you need to make the right choice.

Salomon vs Oboz

Salomon vs Oboz: Which Brand Is Better?

If your search for ideal trekking footwear has boiled down to boots and shoes made by Salomon vs Oboz, this comparison will be of great help.

Keen vs Oboz

Keen vs Oboz: Hiking Shoe Comparison

If you can’t decide which brand to go for, this detailed Keen vs Oboz hiking shoe comparison will undoubtedly help you make the right choice.

best hiking shoes

Best Hiking Shoes

Finding the best hiking shoes within your budget can sometimes take quite a while. However, I have hiked 1,000’s of miles and can almost tell …

Best Hiking Shoes Read More »

Chaco hiking sandals

Keen vs Chaco Sports Sandals

Can’t decide whether to get Chaco or Keen hiking sandals? This product comparison will help you pick the best pair of hiking sandals for your needs.

Trail Runners vs Hiking Shoes

Trail Runners vs Hiking Shoes

We will be taking an in-depth look at trail runners vs hiking shoes and explain to you the key differences between these two types of hiking footwear.

keen vs teva

Teva vs Keen – The Ultimate Sports Sandals

Due to their open-ended design, hike sandals are breathable, extremely packable, and also weigh a lot less than your regular hiking shoes or hiking boots.

Salomon vs North Face Hiking

Salomon vs North Face Hiking Shoes

Next to roasting marshmallows over a fire and fishing down at the lake, it’s hard to come up with a more iconic outdoor activity than hiking.

Hiking shoe

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes for Summer

Depending on the terrain and the weather I like to have a good choice of hiking shoes, walking boots, or trail running shoes for my many treks.

crocs classic

Do Crocs Run Big?

These extremely popular foam-made clogs are available in more than 100 different styles for men, women, and kids. In other words, there are Crocs for every season and occasion.

Salomon OUTline GTX

Salomon Outline GTX Trail Runner Hiking Shoe Review

As they mix the performance benefits of both low-top hiking shoes and trail runners, Salomon’s popular Outline GTX shoes successfully mirror the modern trends. 

Chaco foot print in sand

How to Break in Chacos Fast

Have a new pair of Chaco hiking sandals and need to break them in fast? Here’s what you need to do.

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