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Pilgrim Routes in Ireland

Long before the discovery of St. James’ relics, there was Cruachan Aille in Ireland. The sacred grounds had been there since 3,000 BC and attracted pilgrims from all over Europe. Pagans frequented the area and so did early Christians when it was popularized by St. Patrick. When Camino de Santiago became famous, the ancient pilgrimage was sadly forgotten in favor of Spain’s. Memories of these medieval footpaths aren’t completely lost, however, and revivalists are attempting to reclaim the pilgrim routes of Ireland.

Camino route

Inspiration to Walk the Camino de Santiago

The Camino forum was an amazing resource for me when researching the Camino de Santiago. I did the full Camino Frances as well as the Camino del Norte in 2013 with my guitar. In May of 2014, I did 4 days of the Camino de Madrid to Segovia and I’ll be doing the Camino Primitivo route this July.


Top Ten Things About Camino de Santiago

The other pilgrims I met is my number one on the Camino, all Camino routes. I feel I was blessed. I don’t like crowds, however, I do in general like talking, and listening to other people. I, being an English speaker, was amazed at the number of people that spoke English when it was their second and third language – I felt quite ignorant as the result of this – I can get a coffee in a few languages – but cannot communicate in any bar English.

Southern Upland Way

Hiking the Southern Upland Way

If you want to get away from it all on one of Scotland’s long-distance hiking routes then there’s perhaps nowhere better to head to on your next walking holiday than the Southern Upland Way.

The beauty of the highlands is something that you really do have to see to believe, and it’s an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Many people will tell you that a holiday is only a holiday when you’re sunning yourself on a beach and that Scotland just doesn’t afford you such opportunities. But what they’re missing is the beauty of unspoiled nature at its finest.

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Newbie Mistakes & Advice for the Camino de Santiago

To be honest, I wanted to get your attention with the title of this blog post. I guess it worked if you are reading this now 🙂

Great. Now that we are here I would like to clear something up which is of high importance to me.

The word “mistake” in the blog title is not really right. I rather try to see things as experiences and experiments instead of mistakes. This gives more space and helps us to go out and try more things because we are not so afraid of failure.

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Mens boots

How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

It’s important to have the right footwear for your level of hiking, more so if you are going on a walking holiday or a long distance walk like the Camino de Santiago, (and the right backpack and waterproofs). Different styles are more suitable for different levels than others.

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Cruz de Ferro: A Spiritual Experience

People who’ve already walked the Camino de Santiago know that there’s one thing that should absolutely not be missed — the Cruz de Ferro. Also known as the Iron Cross, it is set on a gently sloping hill that also happens to be the highest point of the French Way.

The views offered from up top are incredible indeed, and the legends behind it are enough to spark the imagination of any history buff who’s looking for their next adventure. But most of all, the respectful peace of this spot is spiritually uplifting even for the non-religious, and travelers who long to see something unique that reflects much of the Camino spirit should definitely make a stop here.

West Highland Way

West Highland Way

For those who are passionate about hiking, scenic nature walks are almost a form of meditation. You put one foot in front of the other, breathe in deeply, and let all the worries melt away as you take in the sights around you. Finding beautiful trails and walking the whole length of them is almost a thing of pride, and if there’s one trail that’s difficult to top, it’s the West Highland Way.

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Scalop shell

The Meaning of the Scallop Shell on the Camino de Santiago

The scallop shell is one of the most iconic symbols of the Camino de Santiago, and no matter where you are on the road, you will see countless scallop shell symbols.

They are used today, together with the yellow arrows, to guide the pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela. But you will see them on walls, churches, signposts, on pilgrims’ backpacks and on their bodies as tattoos or at their necks in the form of necklaces.

Rob Rob Way

Hiking the Rob Roy Way

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting the chance to take some time off, get away from it all, and immerse yourself in a great walking holiday, is there?

The Rob Roy Way was officially recognised only in 2012, but it offers an incredible route that people have been enjoying for centuries.

If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore dozens of quaint little towns and villages, and make memories along the way, read on.

Leslie & Anna Camino

Finding Love on the Camino de Santiago

Love was the last thing I expected to find on the Camino de Santiago. But I did and twelve years later our son is nearly three years old. Therefore I thought this would be a good time for this post.
I set out expecting a journey with few people, and I expected those few to be a bit odd, or older religious types – well it was a pilgrimage, not your usual holiday. Expectations are interesting phenomena, I don’t know about you, but my expectations of future events are usually completely wrong.


Two Weeks on the Camino de Santiago

A quick trip is not something you can expect from Camino de Santiago. With routes going up to several hundred kilometers, a pilgrimage typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks on foot.

If you don’t have the luxury to travel for extended periods, or if you’re unable (or don’t want) to walk long distances, you can still do the Camino.