Best Rain Poncho for Hiking and Backpacking

If you are short of time or just don’t want to read all the reviews, I suggest that Adventure World has a great rain poncho as it is light, won’t be so much like a tent and it has a peaked hood.

Embarking on a hiking or backpacking journey means being prepared for all types of weather, including those unexpected rain showers. To ensure you stay dry and comfortable when the rain starts, you’ll want to have a reliable rain poncho on hand to keep you protected.

Forget about carrying an umbrella on your hike and instead opt for high-quality waterproof gear. To help you choose the right rain poncho for your needs, we’ve put together a helpful guide that covers essential features, materials, and style options. Keep reading as we review some of the top rain ponchos currently available, so you can make an informed decision and enjoy your outdoor adventures rain or shine.  (Here, we review rain jacket vs poncho.)

Best Rain Poncho Reviews

Outdoor Products Backpacker Poncho

Outdoorproducts rain poncho

The Outdoor Products Backpacker Poncho is available in 2 colors and is very lightweight. With its ability to cover you and your backpack, it can keep everything, even the largest backpack, dry. The urethane-coated fabric is watertight, ensuring no water gets through.

Complete with rust-resistant snaps at the side and the wrists, you can make this poncho fit quite well. The nylon web-tie cords are ideal if you wish to use the poncho as a tarp or a rainfly. The tarp measures 85 x 53 inches, making it a good size for most wearers.


  • Ideal for backpackers
  • Keeps your backpack dry
  • It’s watertight
  • Lightweight at just 12 ounces
  • Can be used as a tarp
  • Made from strong urethane-coated nylon
  • Can be used in a hurry
  • Better fit, thanks to the rust-resistant snaps
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

  • The sleeves are not very long, so your arms could get wet
  • The poncho will only keep the tops of your legs dry
  • Lack of ventilation around the neck
  • It’s quite bulky
  • It is not breathable

Adventure World Lightweight Backpack Poncho

Adventureworld poncho

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The Adventure World Lightweight Backpack Poncho is ideal for those who have large backpacks, (see how to choose a backpack). With its ability to protect the wearer from rain and wind, this poncho is waterproof and made from Terylene.

Complete with a drawstring hood, it’s relatively easy to make the hood fit well. The peak on the top of the hood ensures your face does not get too wet.

The zip neck is an added feature that many people will appreciate, helping to keep the wind and rain out even more. Measuring 6.3 x 4 inches when it’s folded up, this poncho comes with a button that ensures you can button the back up easily if you don’t have a backpack.


  • Lightweight at just 0.77 pounds
  • Ideal for those who have a large backpack
  • Made from Terylene to ensure it’s very waterproof
  • The hood comes with a peak to ensure rain is kept off your face
  • There’s a zip neck to keep the rain and wind off even more

  • It’s not breathable as there is no ventilation
  • You have no access to your backpack when wearing the poncho
  • The sleeves only keep the top of your arms dry
  • Needs to be pulled on over the head

Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho

Winis rain poncho

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The Winis Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho Backpack Rain Cover is available in 2 different colors and is made from tear-resistant 210T polyester cloth.

Capable of withstanding 3,000 mm of water pressure, this poncho also comes with grommets that allow users to turn the poncho into a mini storage bag. The Velcro straps can help protect against the wind and the whole poncho only weighs 0.57 pounds.


  • It’s large enough to keep your backpack dry
  • Can be used when you’re riding a bicycle
  • Can also be used as a tarpaulin, tent, or mat
  • Has tear-resistant fabric
  • Can easily be turned into a mini storage bag

  • The hood may not be the right size for everyone
  • The Velcro straps are not very strong
  • The material is a little thin

Tsonmall Rain Poncho

Tsonmall rain poncho

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The Tsonmall Rain Poncho – Hiking Pack Cover Waterproof Raincoat can be used as a tarp or a rain cover thanks to its shape. Ideal for hiking and backpacking as well as fishing and traveling, this poncho is available in red or blue. With the ability to cover a backpack and keep it dry, this poncho also has a drawstring hood.

Lightweight and complete with 4 grommets so you can turn the poncho into a tarp should you need to, it comes with a mini storage bag. It is made from 210T polyester cloth.


  • Ideal for use as a tarp, poncho, or rain cover
  • Ideal for all kinds of activities
  • Comes with a drawstring hood
  • Lightweight and weighs just 9.17 ounces

  • It’s very thin
  • Might be a bit too long for those who aren’t very tall

Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho

Foxelli rain poncho

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The Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho is available in 7 different colors and comes with a peak on the hood to keep the rain off your face. Made from 210T high-density coated polyester, this poncho is ideal for use in heavy wind and rain.

With a built-in cord near the hood, you can adjust it so that the hood fits well, making it ideal for almost everyone. Ideal for those who wear a 50-liter backpack this poncho will not restrict any movement. With the ability to be used as a sunshade, a mat, or a blanket, the Foxelli poncho may be a little too big for those under 6 feet tall.


  • Has a peaked hood
  • Made from high-density fabric
  • Good quality
  • Has a built-in cord

  • Thin material


Sotical Veamor 3 in 1 Multifunctional Poncho

Sotical Veamor Poncho

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The Rain Poncho, Sotical Veamor 3 in 1 Multifunctional can be used as a canopy, a raincoat, or a mat and is ideal for backpacking, hiking, and camping. With its ability to protect you from the wind, rain, and sunshine, this poncho is very durable.

Complete with a storage bag, the poncho is lightweight and comes with a drawstring collar. With its 4 eyelets, you can nail the poncho down and use it as a mat if you wish.


  • Multifunctional use
  • Ideal for backpacking and hiking
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Comes with pockets
  • Has eyelets for convenience

  • Doesn’t have enough Velcro to keep it closed

Terra Hiker Rain Poncho

Terra hiker rain poncho

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The Terra Hiker Rain Poncho is available in 3 different colors and is ideal for use when you’re hiking, fishing, and mountaineering. The poncho is made from high-density polyester and with protected seams, this poncho is made to last.

With its ability to keep the wearer and a 60-liter backpack dry, this poncho has eyelets to ensure it can be fastened to the ground and used as a tent. What is more, its back is spacious enough to easily accommodate larger backpacks.

Finally, the Terra rain poncho for hiking sports a 3,000-millimeter DWR rating and is very durable. While it’s not the best rain poncho for torrential downpours, it is certainly one of those rain jackets that are definitely worth the price.


  • Available in 3 colors
  • Made from waterproof fabric
  • Ideal for a range of activities
  • Can keep a 60L backpack dry
  • Comes with eyelets
  • Slight peak on the hood

  • Not long enough to cover the knees
  • A little too big for some

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Rain Poncho

Frogg Toggs rain poncho

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The Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho comes in 4 different colors and is made from 100% polypropylene. Measuring 54 x 40 inches, the poncho is not made to cover backpacks. The drawstrings ensure the wearer can make the hood fit and keep the rain out.

Ultralight and available in one size, this poncho is very waterproof.


  • Comes with drawstrings
  • Very waterproof
  • Has button-up sides
  • Available in 4 different colors

  • Not ideal for covering backpacks
  • Thin material

Anyoo Waterproof Military Poncho

Anyoo Waterproof military rain poncho

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The Anyoo Waterproof Military Rain Poncho Waterproof Lightweight is available in many different colors and is made from polyester. Unisex and complete with a cord adjuster, you can pull the hood as tight or loose as you wish. The hood has been glued to the rest of the poncho to ensure it stays firmly in place.

Measuring 55 x 86 inches, it’s large enough to cover you and protect your backpack too. The side fasteners ensure you can keep your sides dry and as it weighs just 9 ounces, you won’t be burdened by its weight. Ideal for use as a groundsheet or shelter, this poncho has eyelets that allow you to secure it to the ground or anywhere you please.


  • Lightweight, weighing 9 ounces
  • Ideal if you’re hiking with a backpack
  • Comes with side fasteners
  • Keeps your sides dry

  • The hood’s material is quite thin
  • Could be more waterproof
  • The hat may fall down
  • The hat’s visor gets creased easily

Hikevalley 3 in 1 Raincoat Blanket Poncho

Hikevalley poncho

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The Hikevalley Rain Poncho Waterproof Lightweight 3 in 1 Raincoat Blanket with Hood is made from high-density ripstop nylon which makes the seams stronger. The waterproof fabric, which measures 85.8 x 54.6 inches. is large enough to cover most adults. Complete with a hood that can be adjusted with a cord, it can keep your face dry.

Lightweight and with the ability to protect you from UV rays in addition to snow and rain, this poncho can also be used as a mat when you’re out camping. Thickened eyelets ensure the cord does not affect the fabric and the rip-resistant material is hard-wearing.


  • Lightweight at just 270 grams
  • Large enough to cover most adults
  • Can be used as a mat or a rain shelter
  • Protects wearers from rain and snow
  • Can be used as a form of UV ray protection
  • Has thickened eyelets
  • Rip-resistant material

  • The hood may not be the right size for everyone
  • It doesn’t come with pockets
  • Might be too large for some


Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho

Charles River rain poncho

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Here we have a well-made waist-height model and one of the best rain ponchos for modest outings. What makes this rain poncho so good is its construction. It is made out of New Englander polyurethane – this is a fully waterproof material – and therefore provides excellent protection in rainy and windy conditions.

Furthemore, the interior of this poncho for hiking features a fine-knit layer that feels very soft and adds to the model’s overall durability. Another great thing about this well-designed rain jacket is that it sports heat-sealed seams – you’ll never have to worry about heavy rain seeping through during your outdoor activities.

Besides these sealed seams, other features worth mentioning are the drawstring hood and the neck snap closure. While it’s not the best choice for folks with big backpacks, size-wise it’s sufficiently large and should keep your legs warm and dry.


  • A completely waterproof poncho and…
  • one of the most durable rain ponchos out there
  • Heat-sealed seams prevent water from leaking in
  • A large rain poncho – it measures 52 x 80 inches
  • Side-snaps & a hood for better coverage
  • Available in six different colors

  • Not designed to cover big backpacks
  • No quick-access pockets
  • Odor upon unpacking

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp Poncho

Sea to Summit Rain Poncho

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Some rain ponchos use high-quality material, some have a low weight, and some are fully water-resistant. The rain poncho I’m about to analyze here is made by the famous outdoor apparel manufacturer Sea to Summit and has all of the three qualities listed above. Read the ultimate guide to poncho tarp tents.

Weight-wise, this is a genuinely lightweight rain poncho. Once packed, it weighs only about 8 ounces, which means that you’ll never have trouble fitting it inside a small (or large) backpack. Furthermore, this is a fully waterproof rain poncho, as it is made out of durable water-resistant material called Ultra-Sil Nano Fabric. This “Sil Nylon” is a type of specially coated nylon that is comfortable, tough and is bound to keep you dry due to its 1,200mm hydrostatic head rating. The model’s seams, on the other hand, are double-stitched and therefore completely sealed and secure.

Other features that turn the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil into one of the best rain ponchos currently available are its large size (it can be used as a 2-person shelter), a 3-piece hood, as well as the drawcord that lets the user raise the hem and prevent the poncho from dragging on the ground.


  • A multi-functional and spacious rain poncho
  • Sil poly material provides excellent water resistance
  • Great for long & demanding hiking and backpacking adventures
  • Great for emergencies – can be converted into a 2-person shelter
  • Easily accommodates larger backpacks
  • 3-panel hood & stuff sack

  • Not among the best rain ponchos for windy weather
  • Its sleeves are not full-length
  • Expensive

Snugpak Patrol Poncho

Snugpack poncho

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The next rain poncho on my list is the Patrol Poncho from Snugpak. Besides the fact that it sports a convenient full-coverage unisex fit, this is also one of those completely waterproof ponchos – it is made out of the company’s proprietary Paratex Dry fabric. And, unlike many other rain ponchos available on the market, this one has fully enclosed sleeves.

This rain poncho is 56.7” long, 25.7” inches wide, and weighs only 13 ounces. The material out of which it’s made is breathable, waterproof, and windproof. Its breathability deserves special praise – the material is capable of transmitting close to 8 liters of moisture in a single day. The Snugpak Patrol Poncho comes accompanied by a compressible drawstring sack.

Other things I liked are the protective thumb loops, the reinforced cuffs, as well as the hood with adjustable drawstrings. There is also a convenient Velcro chest pocket (concealed by a storm flap), and the rain poncho itself is available in three similar colors (Olive, Coyote Tan, and plain black). All in all, it’s one of the best rain ponchos for a good reason and certainly a worthwhile investment.


  • Convenient full-coverage unisex fit
  • Made out of top-quality water-resistant material
  • Equipped with fully enclosed sleeves
  • An exceptionally breathable rain jacket
  • Lots of additional features
  • Tape-sealed seams

  • May be somewhat baggy for some users
  • Too thin for colder hikes
  • Only three similar colors

JTENG Camouflage Rain Poncho

JTENG rain poncho

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Here we have a genuinely interesting product – a multifunctional poncho. These ponchos best work for people who just love multipurpose hiking accessories, with this garment being one of the finest examples of such products. Besides wearing it, you also use this poncho as a ground cover or as a makeshift tent. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

As a poncho, JTENG Camouflage provides a good fit and covers most users down to their knees. Due to its large size, it can also easily accommodate larger backpacks. Another great thing is the quality of the material. Not only is the model’s 210T high-density polyester waterproof (3000mm) and durable, but also very breathable.

The manufacturer has also equipped this well-made poncho with thickened eyelets, cuffs, and a hood. The hood itself deserves special words of praise, as it features a reinforced brim. Finally, the model comes accompanied by a convenient carry pack.


  • A well-made, multifunctional camouflage poncho
  • Can be used as a tent or a ground cover
  • Breathable, long-lasting, and waterproof
  • Easy to pack (comes with a carry pack)
  • Equipped with a hood, cuffs, and eyelets
  • Inexpensive

  • Too loose for smaller folk
  • Small head/neck opening
  • Low-quality drawstring & zipper

SaphiRose Hooded Adult Rain Poncho

Saphirose rain poncho

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If personalization is really important to you, look no further than this poncho – it is available in more than 40 different color combinations. No matter which style you decide to go with, you’ll be getting a functional that looks and feels just as advertised.

The dimensions of this interesting garment stand at 36” x 57”, and the model can be easily packed down to just 6” x 10”. Just like most other ponchos on this list, SaphiRose Hooded Adult also comes accompanied by a convenient carrying pouch. The pouch itself is surprisingly small and easily fits inside a purse – using it in case of emergencies, such as sudden downpours, is quick and easy.

The SaphiRose Hooded Adult Rain Poncho is made out of 100% polyester. As such, it is breathable, quick-drying, and very lightweight. Once we combine this material with heat-sealed seams, we get a genuinely water-resistant garment that will keep you dry during your backcountry hikes. While it does come with a 2-piece drawstring hood, this poncho lacks proper sleeves and pockets.


  • Available in more than 40 different colors
  • Quick-drying & breathable
  • Extremely portable & compact – packs down to just 6” x 10”
  • 100% polyester & heat-sealed seams guarantee full water-resistance
  • Large hood with an elastic drawstring
  • Convenient carrying pouch

  • The zipper runs rough
  • No separate sleeves
  • No pockets

Best Rain Ponchos Buying Guide

Now that we’ve gone through the advantages and disadvantages of the market’s best rain ponchos, here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind while shopping for one of these convenient garments.


The Material

Obviously, the material out of which a particular rain poncho is manufactured is precisely what determines how good or bad it will perform in the rain. A lot of rain ponchos are made out of PVC, which is exceptionally inexpensive and can often be repaired with simple duct tape. Unfortunately, PVC ponchos

Nylon is yet another popular and affordable material. While it’s thin and certainly not the best choice in terms of breathability, nylon is waterproof and durable. It is the best type of material for kid rain ponchos. The polyester, on the other hand, is great for adult ponchos – it is tear-resistant, stretchy, and lightweight enough for all sorts of outdoor adventures.

Of course, the best of the best rain ponchos will be made out of special kinds of fabrics, with Dyneema (cuben fiber) being a great example. Often found in premium-quality rain ponchos, Dyneema is lightweight, waterproof, high-performance, durable, and dries faster than other materials.


The best rain ponchos often sport more than just one outer layer. This allows them to be warmer, more durable, and more water-resistant. Gore-Tex Pro rain ponchos feature three layers that make them sturdy, breathable, and waterproof.

The 2-layered models, on the other hand, are usually breathable and waterproof, while the single-layer rain jackets are just water-resistant and therefore suitable for use only in light rains. Therefore, those looking for the best possible protection from the rain should go for ponchos that feature more than


It goes without saying, but waterproof ponchos offer the best protection from torrential downpours. Special fabrics such as Paratex Dry have their outer layers coated with something called a hydrophilic polyurethane coating – that’s the thing that makes them waterproof.

Another important thing to look out for is for the poncho to have taped seams. As you can already guess, these will prevent your clothes from coming into contact with water.


The outer shell of a rain jacket is the thing that determines whether it will be capable of keeping you dry while also keeping you warm at the same time. The best rain ponchos often sport hard materials that are stiff enough to protect the wearer from harsh winds and heavy downpours. These materials are often tear-resistant too, which allows them to last longer.

Softshell ponchos, on the other hand, are made out of softer fabrics such as polyester and nylon and are pretty good when it comes to water resistance. However, for extreme outdoor activities and torrential downpours, getting a hardshell poncho is a must.


In most cases, a fabric that’s breathable will be made from a blend (mixture) of different materials. Polyester and nylon are fabrics that provide hikers with a good amount of ventilation.

If you want to get yourself a genuinely breathable poncho, make sure to check out models that feature mesh liners. Obviously, hardshell ponchos aren’t the best choice in terms of breathability, as they’re made out of stiff, tightly woven materials.


When shopping for a poncho, make sure to get one that is large enough to cover your whole body, your clothes, and your backpack when you’re wearing it. In fact, a large-sized poncho is an absolute must if you’re someone who always hikes with a large backpack on your back.

Your rain jacket should also reach down at least to your knees, although this depends on where you’re planning to use it. Measure both your height and your arm length before making the purchase – in that way, you’re guaranteed to end up with a model that will provide you with full coverage.


It goes without saying, but lightweight ponchos are more portable and packable. Heavier models can easily make hikes tiresome. The lightweight ones, on the other hand, are comfortable and easy to move around in.

An important thing to keep in mind here is that some of these garments can soak up water and become quite heavy in the process. For a genuinely light model, get a poncho that doesn’t weigh more than 11 ounces.

Additional Features

An ideal garment of this type should have a well-designed hood that you can tighten with the included drawstring.
Other additional features to consider include elastic cuffs (these provide your hands with a secure fit), pockets (for storage of smaller items), and ventilation zips (for better breathability and comfort).

Camino del Norte

The Conclusion

I hope you have managed to find a poncho you like the look of. There are many different ponchos out there, however, I think the above 15 are some of the best on the market and I think you will too. Happy shopping. See here for my full hiking packing list.

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  2. One of the 1st things I learned in the army was that ponchos are used to wrap around your weapon to keep it dry, not to keep you dry. We used ponchos for ourselves when stationary duty like guard duty. When moving we wore rain jacket and rain pants. On 5 Caminos I cariedy rain suit and TWO ponchos. Why two? One for a ground cloth and one to cover me in my sleeping bag. But I have never had to use the two ponchos yet. Perhaps next month on the Sanabres?


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