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Hi, I am Leslie Gilmour and I started this site in Feb 2006 while I was recovering from an operation, and at the time and could not get out very much. I had just finished walking the Camino Frances in a bit of pain with a hernia; I only discovered this while walking, painkillers are great they helped me to finish in Santiago.  Anyway while recovering I awoke one morning and decided I should know how to build a website – so I built this one on the Camino.

Since then the site has grown and I don’t do everything on the site myself anymore.  Anna checks my text, spelling mostly, Nora – a big thanks for all the recent photos, I could not run the Camino forum without the moderators they are great, and they help keep the forum spam free and answer the many questions that get posted every day, a big thanks to the Spanish Tourist Office for all the extra research information they send me, and to the many who have sent me books, CD’s, postcards, and various updates by post and email.

I have been lucky this site has kept the Camino alive in my heart.

Anna Krizova

I met Leslie in 2005 while walking the Camino Frances – he was likely the grumpiest pilgrim that I met. Many years later and one eight year old boy – we are still going strong.

Like others, the Camino came at an inflection point in my life. I was unhappy with my choice of study and wanted to take time out to consider my options. That resulted in meeting Leslie, a change of country and a change of study and eventually, a new career as a therapist that I love.

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