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For many years I answered 1,000s of emails.  But, my family is growing and life has become busy. Now, I am not able to answer questions by email, please join the Camino de Santiago forum where you will find a great community all too willing to help. I also send a newsletter each week with a mixture of Camino information, hiking gear reviews, and other hiking routes.

Write for Us

I have two options for guest articles – sponsored posts or guest posts.

I think we are the busiest website on the Camino de Santiago in English, currently, about 80,000 visitors per month averaged over the year.

We have two sections for guest articles/ posts.  The main site is for all things Camino and we would love to hear about your experiences, any changes in your life as the result of the Camino, and any experiences that you think would be good for others to know about.

A Few Simple Rules

  • The content must be your own and original – it cannot be published elsewhere.
  • The length of the article should be at least 1,000 words.
  • We will link to your site or blog but it must be relevant.
  • Photos are helpful and you must have full permission to use them.

That’s it, fairly easy. Thanks.

Please contact me for sponsored content options on email caminoadventures [at] – Please let me know exactly what you are looking for to save us both time.

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