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Best backpack for the Camino de Santiago

Best Backpack for the Camino de Santiago

In this guide, I’ll explain what makes a good pilgrim’s pack and review the best backpacks for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

backpack with detachable daypack

Best Backpack With Detachable Daypack

Backpacks with detachable daypacks come with integrated daypacks which can be detached by using a special mechanism. They’re an ideal solution for situations that don’t require the use of full backpacks, i.e. when you only want to carry a couple of essential items, which is also useful on a long hike when you are getting your bags transported each day.

Best Osprey Backpacks

Best Osprey Backpacks for Hiking & Backpacking

When it comes to the best Osprey backpacks, you can find many of them and you may feel lost. Have no worries – we’ll help you out with your selection.

Best Lightweight Backpacks

10 Best Lightweight Backpacks You Can Buy

Finding the right backpack for your needs can be quite challenging. We are presenting the 10 best ultralight backpacks you can buy on the market.

Backpack fitting

How to Choose a Backpack for the Camino de Santiago

After choosing the best hiking boots or hiking shoes for your feet, a backpack is the second most important piece of equipment you need for walking any of the Camino routes (see Camino packing list).  Bear in mind this humble backpack is going to hold all your belonging for a month, sometime more.

Hiker with a large backpack

Best Kelty Backpack Reviews

Kelty is known for making durable and practical packs. To help you pick out the best one for your needs, I’ve reviewed the best Kelty backpacks.

Hiker with a North Face backpack

How to Wash a North Face Backpack

Instead of replacing it, you can make your old North Face backpack look like it’s brand new. Simply follow this step-by-step guide.

hiking fanny pack

Best Hiking Fanny Pack

A hiking fanny pack is a great option for all hikers who love hiking and don’t need to carry many things. Check our list of the best hiking fanny pack.

Hiker wearing a Gregory backpack

Osprey vs Gregory Backpacks

When it comes to backpacks, brands such as Gregory and Osprey have always been my favorites. I find each of these two brands to be a great choice for inexperienced and seasoned adventurers alike.

Best Anti Theft Backpack

Best Anti Theft Backpack

While traveling we might face up unpleasant things – such as the theft of our valuables. Read our review, choose the best anti-theft backpack and stay protected!

Best North Face Backpacks

7 Best North Face Backpacks

North Face offers a lot of various models of backpacks and it’s hard to determine the best one. To help you out, we’ve analyzed the 7 best North Face backpacks.

Best Backpack Rain Covers

12 Best Backpack Rain Covers

If you’re considering getting one of the best backpack rain covers to protect your gear, you should read our review that will guide you and save your time.

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