Hiking Accessories Reviews

Hiking Headlamp

Best Headlamp for Hiking

The best hiking headlamps will be easy to use in all dark or low light situations. I use it mostly for early morning starts.

trekking poles

Best Trekking Poles for Hiking

A good lightweight set of trekking poles are great when hiking long distance routes. They help with balance and on slippery slope help you to stay on your feet.

Hikers using sleeping pads

Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads for Camping

Sleeping pads can appear like an extra weight to carry in your backpack – but just wait until you want a good nights sleep on hard or cold ground.

Freeze-Dried vs Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Freeze-Dried vs Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

A lot of outdoor enthusiasts can be confused by the distinction between Freeze-Dried vs Dehydrated Backpacking Meals. We’ll explain and compare both types.

Omni-Tech vs Gore-Tex Technology

Omni-Tech vs Gore-Tex Technology: Which is Better?

If you are looking for quality outdoor gear, read our review Omni-Tech vs Gore-Tex. You’ll find everything you need to know about the two technologies.

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