North Face Resolve vs Venture Rain Jacket

We’ve decided to take a look at two of North Face most popular rain jackets – Resolve vs Venture. While they both provide a great fit and are super-waterproof and breathable, there are still some differences between them that are worth exploring. Our comparison – The North Face Venture 2 or Resolve 2 – should help you determine which one of these two jackets will suit your needs the best.

Protecting yourself from foul weather means more than just wearing a jacket with synthetic or down insulation. Having a waterproof layer is vital in all four seasons – it’s the thing that will keep you dry whether you’re running an errand in the rain or walking a trail overgrown with wet vegetation.

Fortunately, today’s rain jackets are more watertight and comfortable than ever before. This is the direct result of the huge advances in apparel design and waterproof textiles that took place in the last couple of decades. Thanks to the advanced water-repellent membranes, waterproofing now happens at a molecular level.

Even though these advancements have allowed rain jackets to become more rain-proof, packable, breathable, as well as lighter, sorting through all the different waterproofing ratings, technologies, and styles can be extremely confusing. However, if you know a thing or two about trekking garments, you probably know about The North Face – it’s one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of outdoor apparel. We also recommend reading a comparison between North Face or Marmot and Canada Goose vs The North Face.

About The North Face

One of America’s most renowned manufacturers of outdoor equipment, The North Face’s beginnings go all the way back to 1966. The company was founded by a couple of trekking enthusiasts, both of whom used their love of backcountry exploration to establish a small hiking equipment store.

The North Face started out by selling backpacking and climbing gear. More than a decade later, they moved into skiing equipment. In the 1990s, The North Face finally added trekking garments and footwear to their range of products, which gave it a huge boost in popularity and turned it into a fashion style symbol.

With over 50 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing outdoor equipment, The North Face stands among the planet’s best-known apparel brands. Their products are held in high regard by millions of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world – and for a good reason.

While discussing renowned outdoor brands, it’s hard to overlook the Arcteryx vs North Face Jacket debate. Both North Face and Arcteryx have carved a niche for themselves with their unparalleled quality and innovative designs. As we explore the offerings of North Face in this article, it’s worth noting the significant benchmark Arcteryx has set in the outdoor apparel industry.

Equally, when considering other brand comparisons, the dynamic between North Face and Eddie Bauer often emerges, with Eddie Bauer being recognized for its timeless designs and enduring quality.

Where Are Their Rain Jackets Made?

A sizable portion of the North Face products, including rain jackets, are made entirely in the United States.

However, just like many other well-known outdoor apparel brands, the North Face manufactures most of its products in Central America and Asia (El Salvador and Vietnam, to be more precise).

How About the Warranty?

The North Face is one of those brands that offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products.

As expected, this warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. If a particular North Face product fails because of these issues, the company will have it repaired or replaced, regardless of how long it was in the buyer’s possession.

An important thing to mention here is that TNF’s lifetime warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by improper use, negligence, or normal wear and tear.

Specifications – The North Face Resolve vs Venture

The North Face Resolve 2

  • Weight: 1.08lbs
  • Waterproofing: DryVent 2l (2 layer)
  • PSI Rating: 25
  • Breathability Rating: 750-800 g/m²/24 hours
  • Back Length: 29”
  • Sizes: 8 (Men’s) / 6 (Women’s)
  • Colors Available: 7 (Men’s) / 8 (Women’s)

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The North Face Venture 2

  • Weight: 0.73lbs
  • Waterproofing: DryVent 2 5l (2 5 layer)
  • PSI Rating: 25
  • Breathability Rating: 750-800 g/m²/24 hours
  • Back Length: 29”
  • Sizes: 7 (Men’s) / 7 (Women’s)
  • Colors Available: 11 (Men’s) / 7 (Women’s)

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Direct Comparison – The North Face Resolve vs Venture

In this part of the article, we’ll be comparing TNF’s Venture vs Resolve rain jackets in a number of different categories. Both of these are quality trekking garments, and both come with a price tag of around $100.00.

Keep in mind that both the Resolve and the Venture jacket had a recent update and can now be obtained in their 2nd editions, which we’ll be analyzing here. They are still, however, often referred to as just “Venture” and “Resolve” jackets – we did the same thing in the title of this article.

Materials and Durability

As a top-notch outdoor apparel brand, The North Face uses only the best materials when manufacturing its rain jackets, and the same goes for their Resolve 2 and Venture 2 models.

For materials, The North Face Resolve 2 rain jacket uses three different types of materials. It uses 75D polyester taffeta insides its adjustable hood and sleeves for some additional comfort. The North Face Resolve 2 also uses 40D polyester mesh lining on its body and regular nylon material on its shell.

The North Face Venture 2, on the other hand, adds some additional durability. For the shell, Venture 2 uses 40D ripstop nylon. As the name suggests, this material resists tears. Furthermore, the heathered colors of this rain jacket use 70D ripstop nylon. Combined, these materials turn The North Face Venture 2 into an exceptionally robust rain jacket for the money.


Another important category is weight – the last thing you want for your outdoor adventures is an excessively heavy rain jacket. Earlier models were made almost entirely out of heavy rubber, which made them very bulky, cumbersome, and uncomfortable. This is precisely why it’s almost impossible to find a modern rain jacket made out of these obsolete materials.

If you’re looking for a rain jacket with a low weight, which you’ll be using for travel, running errands, and outdoor activities, you’ll be pleased to know that both The North Face Resolve 2 and Venture 2 have a low weight.

The weight of The North Face Venture 2 stands at 0.73lbs – it’s a truly lightweight rain jacket. The weight of The North Face Resolve 2, on the other hand, stands at 1.08lbs. This rain jacket is a bit heavier, but its weight is still a far cry from the bulkiness of cheaper and older rain jackets.

Waterproofing and Breathability

The two models we’re analyzing here have similar features for breathability and waterproofing. This is because they utilize DryVent, a proprietary waterproofing technology engineered and patented by The North Face.

This solution makes a rain jacket waterproof by using polyurethane (PU) coating, which is a special water-repellent, multi-layer formula. In addition to keeping jackets dry, DryVent also increases their overall integrity and strength – from the hood to the bottom hem. In short, it’s one of those features that keep The North Face above the competition.

  • The North Face Resolve 2 uses DryVent 2l (2 layer) waterproof breathable coating
  • The North Face Venture 2 uses DryVent 2 5l (2 5 layer) waterproof breathable coating

As you can see from above, the difference between The North Face Resolve 2 and Venture 2 is in the layering. The Resolve 2 is a 2l (2 layer) rain jacket. As such, it isn’t as breathable as its cousin, but it’s guaranteed to keep you dry and warm on the inside.

The North Face Venture 2, on the other hand, is a 2 5l (2 5 layer) model. This makes it only a tiny bit less water-repellent, as the jacket allows more air to pass through. However, this also makes it more breathable than Resolve 2, which can come in quite handy when you get a bit warm inside the jacket.

So, comparing The North Face Venture vs Resolve in terms of water-resistance and breathability is a battle without a clear winner.

As it features a DryVent 2 5 layer waterproof breathable coating, Venture 2 is a more breathable rain jacket. The North Face Resolve 2, on the other hand, is a bit more waterproof with its DryVent 2-layer coating. This, however, isn’t reflected in its waterproof rating.

Waterproof Rating

Waterproof ratings are often determined and tested in-house by the clothing producers. As expected, these tests vary from one manufacturer to another. However, a vast majority of testing protocols consist of applying water to a 1’ x 1’ square sheet of a particular fabric until it starts to leak.

The North Face, just like most other outdoor apparel brands, uses a waterproof rating in pounds per square inch (PSI). An important thing to mention here is that waterproof ratings should often be taken with a grain of salt, since different labs may report different results even though they’ve conducted the same test.

Both the North Face Venture 2 and Resolve 2 sport a PSI rating of 25.


When shopping for a rain jacket, it’s really important to avoid models that restrict movement. Such jackets can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly when used for activities where you have to move a lot, such as aerobics and trekking.

Fortunately, however, both the North Face Venture 2 and Resolve 2 have a relaxed fit, from the hood to the bottom hem. So, besides the fact that these breathable rain jackets sport a low weight and durable fabrics, they also provide their wearers with some extra room at the waist and around the shoulders.

These features won’t make your The North Face Venture 2 or Resolve 2 jacket look baggy and unattractive – they will only help you move more naturally.


A rain jacket without a hood is not a rain jacket – it’s as simple as that. You need something that will keep your head dry, and a built-in hood is always a better solution than a beanie or a baseball hat.

If you’re looking for a rain jacket with an adjustable hood, you’ll be pleased to know that The North Face Resolve 2 features one. The adjustable hood of this well-made jacket can be tightened around the wearer’s face thanks to the cinch-cord. The hood does a great job of keeping the wind and water out.

What’s more, the adjustable hood of Resolve 2 is at the same time a stowable hood, as it can be rolled up and stowed in the collar when it’s not in use. The fact that it comes with a stowable hood is one of Resolve’s best features – keep in mind that you won’t need the hood at all times.

The North Face Venture 2 also features an adjustable hood. Adjusting it at the front can be done through the use of the integrated cinch-cord. There’s a second cinch-cord, too – this one is used to tighten the model’s hood around the sides. This allows the user to cinch the hood tight in cold weather but also to leave some room for an extra layer, beanie, or a helmet.

Unfortunately, a stowable hood is present only on Resolve 2. The hood of the North Face Venture 2 can’t be stowed away, which means that it will only flap about at the back when it’s not in use. And since Resolve 2 does have a stowable hood, we can safely call it a winner in this department.

Cuffs and Hems

Cuffs and hems are standard parts of every good rain jacket.

For hem-tightening, both the Venture jacket and the Resolve jacket sport a special cinch-cord. In other words, this hem cinch-cord can be used to tighten the lower part of the jacket as needed. So, whenever you want to lock out the moisture and cold air to enjoy additional warmth, you only have to tighten the hem cinch-cord – it’s as simple as that.

When it comes to cuffs, The North Face Resolve 2 comes with elastic-bound cuffs. As the name suggests, these provide a very tight fit that successfully keeps the cold air at bay. The Venture jacket, on the other hand, replaces these with simple Velcro cuffs. In a way, these are an even better solution – the user can easily tighten or loosen them, depending on his/her wrist size.


Comparing the North Face Venture vs Resolve in terms of pockets shows us that there’s just one difference between these two jackets.

Both of the jackets are equipped with covered hand pockets. These come with zippers, allowing users to keep their small valuables or gadgets dry when their hands are out of them.

However, the thing that makes the hand pockets of Resolve 2 and Venture 2 so different is that the ones found on the Venture jacket also double as stuff sacks. Obviously, this convenient feature makes it incredibly easy to pack up the jacket and turn it into a small, exceptionally portable package for travel.


Most of the time, we put on our rain jackets knowing that we might get soaked during our outdoor adventures. But sometimes, there’s no rain at all, and the jacket suddenly becomes a hotbox that you’d rather carry than wear.

Tying the jacked around your waist or carrying it in your hands certainly works, but it gets old pretty quickly. Some backpacks will have special features that allow users to carry their big rain jackets in them, but not all of us possess such backpacks. Therefore, having a jacket that packs into itself is undoubtedly the best solution. The suitable backpack for packing your jacket could be North Face Recon or Borealis.

As we already mentioned, the North Face Venture Jacket can be packed into one of its hand pockets. The Resolve jacket, on the other, packs into its own hood. So, no matter which one of these North Face jackets you decide to go with, you won’t have to worry about packability.

Back Length

The back length of a regular jacket certainly isn’t among those important features you need to pay special attention to. However, things are a bit different when you’re shopping for a rain jacket.

The job of the rain jacket is to protect its user from water and moisture – from the hood to the bottom hem. And if this bottom hem is too high (short back length), you’re guaranteed to end up with a wet behind. That is precisely why a rain jacket needs to be longer than a regular jacket – it needs to reach down to the wearer’s hips, at least.

Fortunately, both the Resolve and the Venture jacket provide decent coverage, with their hip lengths standing at 29”.


If you’re looking to buy one of these two North Face jackets, another thing you’ll have to pay attention to is their sizes. As expected, both models can be obtained in a number of different sizes.

The North Face Resolve 2 men’s rain jacket can be obtained in the following sizes: 4XL, 3XL, 2XL, x-large, large, medium, small, and x-small. The women’s version, on the other hand, is not available in 4XL or 3XL sizes.

The North Face Venture 2 men’s rain jacket can be obtained in the following sizes: 3XL, 2XL, x-large, large, medium, small, and x-small. As you can see, the only difference is the lack of the 4XL size. Women’s variant of this jacket can be obtained in the same sizes as men’s – from 3XL to x-small.


We think that it’s pretty safe to say that the color of a rain jacket isn’t as important as the factors we’ve listed above.

However, for some people, it is precisely the color that makes or breaks the deal. Keep in mind that the North Face has become somewhat of a fashion style symbol – a lot of famous people, from Meryl Streep to Angelina Jolie, have been seen wearing TNF garments.

The men’s version of The North Face Venture 2 can be purchased in 11 different colors. The women, on the other hand, have only 7 colors to choose from. The men’s version of The North Face Resolve 2 comes in 7 different colors. The women’s version is available in one color more, bringing the total number to 8.

While these numbers certainly aren’t something to write home about, we don’t think that anybody will have trouble picking a favorite.

Additional Features

When comparing these two North Face jackets, it’s easy to notice that they’re somewhat different when it comes to special features.

For example, the North Face Resolve 2 comes equipped with a storm flap that protects its main zipper from moisture. The model also sports a high collar – its job is to protect the user’s neck when he or she is not wearing the hood. In addition, its material is fully windproof for extra protection and comfort.

The Venture 2 model, on the other hand, has a bit more to offer when it comes to additional features. Just like its cousin, Venture also sports a windproof fabric and a Velcro storm flap over its main zipper.

However, Venture 2 also adds pit-zips. If you’ve never heard about these before, pit-zips are a top-of-the-line feature that adds extra ventilation to rain jackets. Whenever you feel like you’re sweating too much, you only have to open the zippers under your arms – pit-zips – to increase the airflow. Finally, the stuff-sack/pocket feature turns the Venture 2 into a much more packable model.


The final category in which we’ll compare these breathable, waterproof jackets is the price.

As you can see in the specifications section of this article, both the Venture and the Resolve model can be obtained at the price of around $100. An important thing to mention here is that the final price depends upon the chosen size and color of the jacket.

Still, it’s pretty safe to say that these well-made jackets can be obtained for what’s essentially the same price – the final decision should depend upon your personal preference and desired features.

Other Jacket Options to Consider

While both of the models we’re comparing here are undoubtedly excellent rain jackets, it’s always nice to take a quick look at the competitive landscape:

Arc’Teryx Thorium AR Jacket

If you know a thing or two about outdoor apparel, you know about Arc’Teryx. The jackets made by this company are considered to be among the best on the market – Thorium AR is a perfect example of the company’s expert craftsmanship.

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Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

When somebody mentions rain jackets, many hikers will first think of Patagonia’s popular Torrentshell model. One of the most well-known garments of this type, Torrentshell is extremely versatile and exceptionally durable.

Marmot Minimalist Jacket

As the name suggests, this isn’t a feature-packed model with a myriad of bells and whistles. Marmot Minimalist provides a more relaxed fit and all the basic features you’ll need to stay warm and dry during your outdoor adventures.

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Columbia Watertight II Jacket

This is yet another option worth considering. As the name suggests, Columbia Watertight II is an exceptionally water-resistant jacket. However, it also sports a low weight and a comfortable, durable, and super-soft mesh lining.

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The Verdict – The North Face Resolve vs Venture

Are you still stuck and can’t decide between these two jackets? While they’re both excellent choices, there are a couple of key differences that may turn one of them into a more suitable choice for you.

For example, the North Face Venture 2 uses 2 5 layers waterproof coating and is more breathable than the Resolve 2 jacket, which uses a 2 layer waterproof laminate. Furthermore, Venture 2 comes with pit-zips that provide the user with additional control over heat regulation.

On the other hand, the North Face Resolve 2 sports a stowable hood. This simple yet extremely convenient feature can easily make or break the deal for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, it lacks some of the handy features found on its cousins, such as the already-mentioned armpit vents or the stuff sack pocket. Resolve 2 also weighs more, with its weight standing at 1.08 pounds.

In summary, you won’t really make a mistake by going with either of these jackets. Both of them provide a great fit and superb rain protection while at the same time looking very sleek and stylish. If we had to choose the winner, however, it would be the Venture 2 – it’s a well-designed, feature-packed rain shell that’s guaranteed to keep you safe, warm, and dry wherever you go.

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