Pilgrim Hostels

Albergues and Refugios are hostels – but hostels only for pilgrims. Therefore you need a Pilgrims Passport to stay in one. Pilgrims passports are issued at quite a number of places. Firstly, from your home country confraternity, if you are a member; at some Albergues (cost is normally only a few euro). St Jean Pied de Port, Roncesvalles, and Pamplona, where most people start are the main centers where pilgrims passports are issued..

This list albergues not comprehensive – it is impossible to compile a completely up to date list of Albergues. New albergues are being opened all the time. Private Albergues will be found in addition to what is listed below.

Please remember that almost all the people that will greet you in an Albergue are volunteers. This is their way of giving back to the Camino de Santiago, please treat them with the respect they are due, without them the Way of St James would be much more difficult for all.

The facilities vary greatly. Some albergues are warm and cozy (Grannon), – some are old school buildings that lack any atmosphere, some have washing machines, but mostly it will have to be done by hand. Every one which I stayed in had hot showers. Most have kitchens, but in most towns there will be a bar that serves the “Pilgrim menu”, this is usually cheaper, but with little choice, (about €7 to €10). However some Albergues, like Granon, will serve a communal evening meal, (donation and washing dishes, if so inclined). A lot of Albergues now have internet connection.

The house rules vary – but most will be open from 4pm and close in the evening at ten or eleven – beware at some they will lock you out. Some will wake you at six in the morning – and normally out by 7am. Pilgrims are allowed one nights stay; unless medical grounds force the person to rest, this happens, sore knees, feet, etc.

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The closer you come to Santiago, the busier the Albergues, patience is a requirement not an option. However it all is an incredible experience, see it for what it is, a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

TownAlbergueFacilitiesBedsKm to next ABar/
St Jean Pied de PortPilgrims Office
39 Rue de la Citadelle
Guides, Pilgrim Passport8YYYY774
Municipal hostel
55 Rue de la Citadelle
8K, W, D32
L’Esprit du Chemin
40 Rue de la Citadelle
Sur le Chemin
36 Rue de la Citadelle
Refuge Ultreia
8 Rue de la Citadelle
Refuge Esponda
9 Rue du Trinquet
Le Chemin Vars L’Etoile
43 R d’Espagne
20K, W, D15
OrissonPrivate Albergue – price inc diner
32W, D1818Y
RoncesvallesOfficial Albergue10W, D, @, Guides, Pilgrims Passport1807YNY749
EspinalHostal Rural Haizea15B, M, @815YY742
Albergue Irugoieneawww.irugoienea.com 10W, @, B, M22
ZubiriMunicipal AlbergueAv. Zubiri6K, @525YYY727
Albergue ZaldikoPuenta de la Rabia, 1www.alberguezaldiko.com10K, W, D, @24
El Palo de AvellanoAvenida de Roncesvalles, 16www.elpalodeavellano.com15W, D, M, @57
LarrasoanaMunicipal AlbergueC San Nicolas, 166K, W, @7712YYN722
Villava, Trinidad de ArreMunicipal Alberguec/ Pedro de Atarrabia, 17-19 Rearwww.villava.es14K, @484YYY711
Parish HostelConvento de la Trinidad, behind churchwww.alberguearre.com8W, D, @41
PamplonaMunicipal Hostel – Alb Jésus et MariaC Compañíawww.aspacenavarra.org7W, D, @, Guides, Pilgrim Passport1145YYYY707
Casa Paderborn – privatePlaya de Caparroso, 6www.jakobusfreunde-paderborn.eu8W, D, @26
Juvenil Fuerte del Príncipe – Youth HostelC Goroabe, 365@96
Hostel Hemingwayhttp://www.hostelhemingway.com/15K30
Cizur MenorAlbergue de MaribelCentre of villagewww.elalberguedemaribel.com10W526YYN702
Refugio – St John of Malta Grouponly open mid june to mid sepL at entrance to village5K27
ZariquieguiAlbergue de ZariquieguiC San Andrés, 16www.alberguedezariquiegui.com10W, D, M, @166NNN696
UtergaAlbergue Camino del PerdonC Mayor, 57www.caminodelperdon.es10M185YYN690
Obanos – very cleanRefugio UsdaCentre of VillageC San Lorenzo, 6 (Next to the church)7K, W, D423YYN685
Punente la ReinaAlbergue Santiago ApostolParaje El Realwww.alberguesantiagoapostol.com8K, W, D, @, B, M845YYYY683
Albergue Padres ReparadoresC Crucifijo, 15K, W, D,@, Pilgrims Passport100
Hostel Jakue – Apr to SepC Irunbideawww.jakue.com/english/index.html10K, W, D, @, M32
ManeruLurgorri – Private Hostel10Y123YYN678
CirauquiAlbergue Maralotz (private)10Y285YYN675
Albergue ParroquialDY12
LorcaAlbergue de Lorca – Easter to mid Oct7Y145YYN670
La Bodega del Camino – Apr to Oct8N36
VillatuertaAlbergue de Peregrinos10Y404YYY665
EstellaRefugio – not recommended during busy times of the year7Y1047YYY661
Parish Hostel – Albergue Parroquial San MiguelDY30Y
AyeguiNew Albergue Municiple no more details can anyone help?2YYN654
Villamayor de MonjardinDutch Albergue – OASIS group – price includes dinner and breakfast15N2612YYN652
Albergue Parroquial Santa CruzDY20
Los ArcosAlbergue Isaac Santiago – run by a group from Belgium4Y808YYY640
Albergue Casa Romero3N30
Torres del Rio – no bulls and no river! But great bar for breakfast.Private Albergue6N309YYN632
Albergue Casa Mari6Y30
Viana – very clean – great views.Albergue Andres Munoz5Y509YYY621
VentosaAlbergue San Saturnio7Y2616NYN592
AzofraMunicipal Albergue – great – double rooms – new building – has everything.5Y6015YYN577
La Fuente – private – inc breakfast8N12
Refugio – German run3Y16
Santo Domingo de la CalzadaRefugio – Casa del SantoDY407YYY562
GranonRefugio – inside the bell tower of the church – this is a great place and my favourite.DY404YYN555
Redecilla del CaminoRefguio?Y243YYN551
Viloria de la RiojaPrivate Albergue6N203NYN548
Villamayor del RioNew Refugio5Y505YYN543
Cuatro Cantones – Private?N20
TosantosRefugio – another highly recommended and very friendly albergue.DN306YYN534
Villafranca Montes de OcaNew Albergue6Y4012YYN528
San Juan de Ortega – best avoided unhygienicRefugio?N604YNN515
AgesAlbergue San Rafael6?352???511
Albergue el Pajer15?38
AtapuercaLa Hutte5Y203YYN509
Olmos de AtapuercaRefugio3Y1618Y?N506
BurgosOfficial Albergue3N1005YYY488
Casa de peregrinos EmausDN20
Santiago y Santa Catalina – Calle Lain Caivo – near Cathedral – Great placeDY17
VillabillaRefugio – basic?N104YNN483
Rabe de las CalzadasRefugio5N228YNN478
Hornillos del CaminoRefugio4Y285YYN470
Arroyo de San BolRefugio – stop and take photos – but do not drink the water or stay here – no toilets5Y106NNN465
Private in bar?N16
Convent of San AntonRefugio?Y206NNN455
CastrojerizAlbergue de PeregrinosDN3211YYY449
Municipal RefugioDN20
Casa Nostra Albergue – private6Y30
Itero del CastilloHospital de San Nicolas – another great place – sleeping in old churchDN121NNN438
Itero de la VegaRefugio?N157YYN437
Boadilla del CaminoMunicipal Albergue?N126Y?N430
En el Camino – private7N58
Poblacion de CamposRefugio3Y129YYN420
Villalcazar de SirgaCasa de Peregrinos?Y156YYN411
Carrion de los Condes – next bank 2 days away!!!Refugio5Y3018YYY405
Private in Monastery of Santa Clara7Y28
Calzadilla de la CuezaRefugio – Private – very good6N506YYN388
LedigosAlbergue el Palomar7Y503YYN382
Terradillos de los TemplariosAlbergue Los Templarios6Y566YYN379
San Nicolas del Real CaminoAlbergue Laganares7N208YYN373
SahagunAlbergue Municipal4Y605YYY365
Calzada del CotoRefugio?N245NYN360
Bercianos de Real CaminoRefugio??387YYN355
El Burgo RaneroAlbergueDY2613YYN348
El Nogal7N?
Mansilla de las MulasCasa de Peregrino4Y4618YYY329
Puente de VillarentenoneYYN323
LeonMunicipal Refugio4Y11224YYY311
Convento Santa Maria?Y?
Virgen del CaminononeYY?303
Valverde de la VirginnoneYYN300
San Miguel del CaminononeYYN299
Urbanizacion Santiago de CompostelanoneYYN293
VilladangosMunicipal Albergue3Y405YYN287
San Martin del CaminoNew Refugio?Y1007YYN282
Hospital de OrbigoGerman group Refugio3Y205YYY275
Villares de OrbigononeY273
Santibanes de ValdeiglesiaRefugio4Y2011YNN270
AstorgaPlaza Marques3Y1605YYY259
Albergue de Peregrinos San Javier6Y110
Murias de RechivaldoRefugio?N205Y?N254
Santa Catalina de SomozaRefugio?N345YYN249
El GansoRefugio?N327YYN245
Rabanal del CaminoRefugio Gaucelmo – Confraternity of St James run – great place to stay.DY606YYN238
Nuestra Senora del Pilar – very good5Y78
Village refugio3Y40
Cruz de FerroSee photos page – St James Cross – nothing else but picnic area
ManjarinRefugio – you must stop and see. But stay…DN167NNN228
El AceboMunicipal Refugio?Y124YYN221
Refugio Taberna de Jose4Y40
Refugio Meson el Acebo4Y24
Riego de AmbrosPriviate Albergue3Y404YYN217
PonferarradaAlbergue San Nicolas?Y16015YYY205
Fuentes NuevasnoneY197
Villafranca del BierzoRefugio Ava FenixDY6019YYY183
Municipal Refugio4Y64
Albergue de los Padres?Y30
La PortelanoneY170
Vega de ValcarceMunicipal Albergue4N502YYN164
Albergue do Brasil?Y30
La FabaRefugio – German Confraternity4Y303YNN158
Laguna de CastillaRefugio?Y144???155
O CebreiroRefugioDY806YY?151
Hospital de la CondesaRefugio?Y209YYN145
Alto de PolononeY142
FonfriaNew Albergue – great place?Y466YNN136
Samos – I know the km don’t add up here – but via Samos is the longer and more beautiful routeRefugio in Monastery6Y4816YYY119
Sarria – this is where many people only walking the last 100km start, therefore in late July and all August it is very crowdedRefugioDY405YYY112
Private – Rua Mayor6Y50
Private – O Durminento7Y40
Hospital de la CruzRefugioDY205Y?N79
Ventas de NaronnoneY77
LigondeFuente de PeregrinoD?101Y?N74
Municipal Albergue6Y20
Palas de ReiRefugio?Y603YYY65
San XulianPrivate Albergue B & BEM20N201Y?N62
Ponte CampanaPrivate Albergue???1Y?N61
Ribadiso do BaixoRefugio5Y604YNN41
Santa IreneRefugio4Y403Y?N21
A RuanoneY19
San Marcosnone (camp ground)Y7
Monte del GozoRefugioDN8005YYY5
Santiago – Well doneRefugio5N?0YYY0
Albergue Padres???
Albergue Acuario – on the route into the city – my last plug – I stayed here for three nights – very easy going – open all day, no lockout, great place.5N40