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The first time I walked down the Camino de Santiago the gear I had was fairly basic. I did not have much money, I was back at university as a mature student and so I had kept everything as cheap as possible. In some ways that worked, however it caused me quite a bit of pain with blisters during the first few days – then I had to get rid of my cheap boots and buy good quality walking shoes in Pamplona.

How to Choose Waterproofs

The Basic Principles of Layering This is the third post in my series about walking gear for the Camino, the first was on choosing boots or walking shoes, the second on choosing a rucksack. This is a general article on waterproofs - the age old discussion about a waterproof jacket or poncho continues on the forum, and here and here. Layering your clothing is a tried-and-tested way to ensure your comfort in the outdoors. The beauty of this simple concept is that it allows you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather. There are [...]

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How to Choose a Rucksack for the Camino

After choosing the best walking boots for your feet, a rucksack is the second most important piece of equipment you need for walking any of the Camino routes.  Bear in mind this humble backpack is going to hold all your belonging for a month, sometime more. Rucksacks come in many different shapes and sizes. Each rucksack is specific to a certain activity or pursuit. When looking for a rucksack there are four vital points to consider before you purchase: 1. You need to decide what activity you intend to use the backpack for. Are you going on an afternoon walk, or [...]

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How to Choose the Best Walking Boots

It's important to have the right footwear for your level of hiking, more so if you are going on a walking holiday or a long distance walk like the Camino de Santiago, (and the right backpack and waterproofs). Different styles are more suitable for different levels than others. For instance, if you enjoy light hiking or backpacking, some features may be surplus to your needs and therefore add unnecessary weight. On the other hand if you're a serious hiker, the absence of necessary features can greatly impact on your safety and comfort. Keeping your feet Dry Make sure your boots are [...]

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