Klean Kanteen hangs on a backpack

Klean Kanteen vs Yeti

Everybody knows how useful and convenient the reusable, insulated water bottles are – they’re the only viable choice for all those who want their drinks … Read more

Hydro Flask bottle on a fence

CamelBak vs Hydro Flask

Nowadays, every serious hiker goes into the wild with a stainless steel water bottle. When compared with their simple, plastic counterparts, these bottles aren’t only … Read more

Hiker wearing a Patagonia jacket

Patagonia vs Canada Goose

On one side we have Patagonia, a brand from the U.S. that is dedicated to making high-end outdoor gear with a lower environmental cost. On … Read more

HIker wears a red patagonia jacket

LL Bean vs Patagonia

I’ve featured Patagonia numerous times in my reviews and comparisons. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best outdoor clothing brands on the market. But … Read more

Stanley vs Yeti

Stanley vs Yeti Water Bottle Comparison

Stanley vs Yeti: Dive into a detailed comparison of the outdoor gear giants’ insulated bottles. Discover which brand truly stands out in performance and style.

Swig Savvy vs Hydro Flask

Swig Savvy vs Hydro Flask

We take a closer look at how Swig Savvy and Hydro Flask stack up against each other in several different areas, such as durability, performance, or features. 

Contigo vs Yeti

Contigo vs Yeti 

We compare one of Yeti’s most popular bottles, the Rambler, with a more affordable alternative from Contigo to help you choose the best bottle for your needs.

Under Armour vs Yeti

Under Armour vs Yeti Water Bottle

While both the Under Armour Thermos and Yeti Thermos have the same volume, there are still a few differences that might make you choose one over the other. 

Fjällräven vs Patagonia

Fjällräven vs Patagonia

If you’ve been eyeing these two brands for some time but can’t decide which one is better, this Fjällräven vs Patagonia comparison has all the answers.

Female hiker holding a stainless steel bottle

ThermoFlask vs Takeya 

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at the most popular reusable water bottles manufactured and sold by these two companies. ThermoFlask’s range … Read more

Hiker drinking out of a bottle

Takeya vs Yeti Water Bottles

The most well-known manufacturer of water bottles for hiking is Texas-based Yeti. Unfortunately, the drinkware designed and sold by this brand is not for everyone’s … Read more

Magellan vs Garmin

Magellan vs Garmin

GPS devices are high up on the list of wild-camping essentials. When someone mentions GPS devices, the first two brands most people automatically think of … Read more