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Hiker holding a stainless steel bottle

Mira vs Hydro Flask: Which is the Better Bottle

Mira is an emerging competitor to Hydro Flask. To see if it is worthy, I’ve compared the two stainless steel water bottle brands side by side.

Best Leggings for Hiking

Best Hiking Leggings

There are countless models of leggings out there. We filtered out all the best leggings for hiking for you to make your decision easier and right.

best down jackets

Best Down Jackets

We have taken the hard work out of finding the best down jackets for hiking or just being outside during the winter. Read our buying guide in what to look for in a down jacket.

Best Hiking Pants

Best Hiking Pants

We compared the best hiking pants on the market. Check out our guide that will help you pick out the best hiking pants for your next adventure.

HIker wears a red patagonia jacket

LL Bean vs Patagonia

I’ve featured Patagonia numerous times in my reviews and comparisons. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best outdoor clothing brands on the market. But …

LL Bean vs Patagonia Read More »

hiking fanny pack

Best Hiking Fanny Pack

A hiking fanny pack is a great option for all hikers who love hiking and don’t need to carry many things. Check our list of the best hiking fanny pack.

Back of Arc’teryx jacket

Why Is Arc’teryx So Expensive?

If you’ve been wondering why Arc’teryx products are so pricey, you are definitely not alone. I’ve never hesitated to pay up for high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment, but shelling out over $700 for a rain shell seems a bit rough.

Hiker wears North Face rain jacket

Best North Face Rain Jacket

The North Face makes some of the best rain jackets for hiking and backpacking. Here I review the most popular jackets in their range.

Hiker wearing an Arc'teryx jacket

Arc’teryx vs Canada Goose: Which Brand is Better?

Arc’teryx and Canada Goose are two of Canada’s most well-known (and most renowned) brands. Born in the Coast Mountains, the former brand offers technical performance and minimalist style, successfully answering the needs of both urbanites and athletes.

Hiker with a Fjallraven backpack

Fjallraven vs Canada Goose

Fjällräven and Canada Goose. Both of these brands design and manufacture premium-quality jackets, and sell them at not-so-affordable prices.

Hiker wearing a Gregory backpack

Osprey vs Gregory Backpacks

When it comes to backpacks, brands such as Gregory and Osprey have always been my favorites. I find each of these two brands to be a great choice for inexperienced and seasoned adventurers alike.

Hiker wearing a Patagonia jacket

Patagonia vs Canada Goose

On one side we have Patagonia, a brand from the U.S. that is dedicated to making high-end outdoor gear with a lower environmental cost. On the other side, we have Canada Goose, an outdoor gear brand that is worn by fashionistas on the red carpet as well as intrepid explorers on Arctic expeditions.

Canada Goose winter jackets

Canada Goose vs Moncler

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who knows a thing or two about quality jackets? If that’s the case, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of either Canada Goose or Moncler, or maybe even both of them.

Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket & Apparel Line Review

When a manufacturer brands something as “revolutionary,” I always assume it’s a gimmick. But Omni-Heat is a different story. It’s been around for a decade now, and Columbia has made it a core part of its product range.

Canada Goose jackets

Canada Goose vs Nobis: Which Brand is Better?

In this article, we’ll be comparing two trending, luxurious brands – Canada Goose vs Nobis. The apparel designed and sold by these brands is all but cheap, but the quality of Nobis and Canada Goose jackets definitely justifies their price.


Marmot vs Patagonia – Which Brand is Better?

Who would be the winner of a battle called Marmot vs Patagonia? Our detailed comparison should help you find an answer to that question.

Man wearing North Face

Brands Similar to The North Face

These are the top brands that are similar to The North face. When it comes to outdoor clothing brands, The North Face is undoubtedly among the most famous ones. This well-known company offers a very wide range of products – from technical sportswear to casual everyday clothes.

backpacking quilt

Best Backpacking Quilt for Camping

In this article, we give you the lowdown on the best backpacking quilts, how they differ from sleeping bags, and why they’re a great addition to any backpacking or camping trip.

Black Takeya Bottle

Takeya Originals vs Actives

There are a lot of great reusable bottle brands on today’s market, with Japanese Takeya being one of them. Takeya’s Originals and Actives ranges consist of fantastic products that sport a clean design and plenty of practical features. Here are the best water bottles from each of these two impressive lineups

Female hiker holding a stainless steel bottle

ThermoFlask vs Takeya 

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at the most popular reusable water bottles manufactured and sold by these two companies. ThermoFlask’s range of products isn’t as wide as that of Takeya, so I’ll be analyzing more bottles made by the latter brand.

best hiking shoes

Best Hiking Shoes

Finding the best hiking shoes within your budget can sometimes take quite a while. However, I have hiked 1,000’s of miles and can almost tell …

Best Hiking Shoes Read More »

Arc'teryx vs Patagonia

Patagonia vs Arcteryx Jackets

Arcteryx vs Patagonia review is going to explain to you everything you need to know before purchase one of those brands. Find the winner of this review!

winter hiking jacket

Columbia vs North Face Jackets

If your search for a perfect jacket has led you to compare Columbia vs North Face, you’ve come to the right place. Both Columbia and North Face are high-quality American sportswear brands, and they make some of the best jackets on the market.

Yeti tumblers

Polar Camel vs Yeti

Bottles, flasks, and travel mugs designed and sold by Polar Camel look quite similar to that of Yeti – the most well-known name in the world of insulated tumblers and mugs. However, the products offered by Polar Camel are typically sold with custom printing options or custom laser engravings, which makes them quite different and unique.


Merrell vs Salomon – Who Makes the Most Comfortable Hiking Shoes?

Merrell vs Salomon – Who Makes the Most Comfortable Hiking Shoes? Two of the top brands fight it out in this review. Read which one comes out the best. You must read this before going to buy new hiking shoes.

best budget backpack

Best Budget Hiking Backpack Under $100

Here are 9 great quality budget backpacks at less than $100 to suit almost all possible uses.

Yeti bottle in a pack

The Best Alternative to Yeti Coolers & Water Bottles

If you are looking for an Alternative to Yeti Coolers & Water Bottles that are cheaper and nearly as good we have you covered. Here are 10 Alternative to Yeti Coolers & Water Bottles.

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