The Best Camino de Santiago Blogs

I have been writing about the Camino on this blog since 2006. The site grew too large, and I consolidated posts as there was not enough detail in the huge number that had been written. That is what helps a blog make it onto my list of the best Camino de Santiago blogs – detail.

I thought before I started out creating this list that I would be overwhelmed with choices. (I asked for requests in the newsletter and two Facebook pages that have 30,000 followers).

I have ended up having a relatively short list. I read many blogs and searched on Google. Still, my list looks a little barren. If you have a suggestion, please add it in the comments below. There were other blogs that I found that are pretty old, some of these did not make the list due to the lack of love. The photos are gone, and the links are broken.

The list is in no particular order:

Trepidatious Traveller written by Mags. This has sections on the Camino Frances, Camino Portugues, and the Camino Mozarabe. There are lots of photos and maps with distances and elevations. This is the best up to date blog.

Caminoist was written by Sandy. Detail should be Sandy’s middle name. He has walked and written about the Camino Frances, Via de la Plata, and the Camino Norte. He now writes more about the Way of St Francis and has published a great guidebook on that route.

Girls on the Way makes the list for two reasons. It is an excellent resource for anyone intending to walk with young children, and the blog is detailed, right down to how much they paid for albergues.

Randall’s blog Camino My Way has an excellent day by day guide and photos for the Camino Frances. He is also the author of Camino de Santiago in 20 Days.

The Raft of Corks covers the Camino del Norte, Via da la Plata, and the Camino Portuguese amongst others. John can be funny, serious, and insightful, a good read.

The Camino Documentary blog is written by a few pilgrims. It is great for getting more than one point of view on the same website. Also, the Camino documentary Six Ways to Santiago has been getting great reviews. You can buy and or download it from this page.

Following the Arrows by Kat has day by day descriptions for four Camino routes and loads of great photos.

My Senior Camino is a great read especially if you think you are too old to walk the Camino, have a look.

Elissa writes on her blog at Sometimes She Travels. There are two good sections on the Northern Route and the French Way, along with other personal and insightful posts.

Roam Far and Wide 47 posts that cover the Camino Frances in good detail with a considerable amount of photos.

One Footstep at a Time, again on the Camino Frances and in-depth long daily posts.

Bike the Camino Santiago is for all cyclists. I will be keeping this one close at hand, since the birth of my youngest. I don’t see myself getting away for more than 2 weeks at a time for the next number of years – not that I would want to.

Trail to Peak is a website that covers a few different long distance walks. There is a good section here on the French Route and the walk to Finisterre.

PSG The Way – I have written about Bill before after reviewing his book about the Camino, which I enjoyed. To get the best from this blog select the months at the side and go right back to the start.

This blog is very funny and worth a read simply for Rachel’s take on the Camino. If you are easily offended and object to swearing, don’t visit.

So that is my best Camino de Santiago blogs for this year. If you want to start a travel blog check out this guide I wrote.

Let me know what great blogs I have missed by adding them in the comments below. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “The Best Camino de Santiago Blogs”

  1. Hey Leslie! Love this and have checked out these blogs. Wondering if you would check my blog out – it is about my walk on the Madrid Camino.
    You don’t see many folks blogging about it and it really was a wonderful experience! Have a wonderful new year and play safe!

  2. Hi Leslie
    I have a website/blog, where I post portraits of people I meet on long hikes. I walked the Camino Portugues and the Camino Inglis in the spring of 2023. My daily blogs include the portraits I shot, descriptions of the subjects, and the details of my adventures. I plan on returning next spring for another long Camino, Frances or Norte.


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