Eddie Bauer vs North Face – Which Brand is Better?

In the heated Eddie Bauer vs North Face debate, I’ve seen outdoor enthusiasts passionately defend their chosen brand, each swearing by their premium jackets and equipment.

But which of these titans truly deserves the top spot? In this article, I’ll dive deep into the unique strengths and offerings of each, aiming to determine the true champion of outdoor gear.

Designs & Styles

Eddie Bauer: Designs For the Adventurer

Eddie Bauer’s design philosophy emphasises practicality with a touch of trendiness. The company’s jackets are characterised by thoughtful details, robust construction, and a unique aesthetic that looks at home in urban environments and the backcountry. 

Eddie Bauer offers jackets for every adventure with various styles and colours.

North Face: Versatile and Classic Styles

A man putting a bright yellow North Face backpack in the trunk

On the other hand, the North Face combines contemporary and classic styles in its jackets and other garments. Known for its trendy yet practical designs, this brand’s jackets are as suitable for urban exploration as they are for escapades in the Great Outdoors. The brand offers various styles and colours, making it a suitable option for various tastes.

Despite both brands excelling in design, North Face’s contemporary and classic aesthetics blend gives it a slight advantage over its rival.

Interestingly, the nuances in design between Eddie Bauer and North Face echo the distinctions found in the North Face vs Arcteryx jackets comparison. Both comparisons highlight the importance of blending style with functionality in outdoor gear.

Materials & Manufacture

Eddie Bauer: Proven Technologies and Premium Materials

High-quality materials go into Eddie Bauer jackets, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The company also incorporates industry-proven technologies like ThermaFill for superb insulation and WeatherEdge for excellent waterproofing. 

The brand focuses on creating comfortable but durable garments that stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor adventures. 

North Face: Innovative Technologies and High-Quality Materials 

A closeup photo of a green and black North Face jacket

Eddie Bauer’s rival goes a step further by using top-of-the-line materials and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its apparel. The brand’s in-house technologies, such as Thermoball for insulation and DryVent for waterproofing, set it apart. The North Face is celebrated for its dedication to innovation, evident in all its products, particularly jackets. 

The materials and technologies provided by Eddie Bauer are excellent – there’s no doubt about that – but The North Face is an unmatched champion in terms of innovation.

Product Range

Eddie Bauer: Outdoor Activity Variety

A well-lit entrance to an Eddie Bauer store
Photo by bargainmoose via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

A wide selection of Eddie Bauer jackets caters to various outdoor activities. 

The brand has a jacket to fit your needs, whether you need a breathable soft shell for hiking, a lightweight rain jacket for unexpected downpours, or a quality parka for harsh winters. 

North Face: A Variety of Options for Every Need

The North Face matches its competitor with a range of jackets just as diverse. The brand caters to different preferences, climates, and activities, making its range the most comprehensive in the industry. No matter your adventure, North Face has the right jacket for you.

Due to both brands’ extensive jacket collections, this category is tied.

Customer Service & Warranty

Eddie Bauer: All Products Guaranteed for Life

There is a lifetime warranty on Eddie Bauer’s products.

The company’s “Guaranteed Period” program allows buyers to return any piece of apparel anytime for an exchange or refund if unsatisfied, a sign of how confident the brand is in its products. 

North Face: Long-term Warranty and Service

Like Eddie Bauer’s jackets, the North Face jackets are also covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Moreover, the company’s customer service is praised for being helpful and responsive so that customers enjoy their purchases to the fullest extent possible.

Regarding warranty and customer service, the North Face and Eddie Bauer tie – both brands offer exceptional customer service and back their products with a lifetime warranty.

Popular Products 

Eddie Bauer 

CirrusLite Down Jacket

A man wearing a grey Eddie Bauer down jacket


  • Material: Nylon, polyester, down
  • Sizes available: 10 (S – 3XXX Tall)
  • Colours available: 16

View at Eddie Bauer

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The Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Jacket combines an impressively lightweight design and exceptional warmth, making it a compelling addition to any outdoor gear collection. As such, it deserves a closer look – let’s go over its advantages (as well as drawbacks). 

CirrusLite’s primary selling point is its 650-fill Premium Down insulation. This high-quality down provides outstanding warmth, particularly considering the extremely lightweight design of the garment. Moreover, the down is RDS-certified, which means it is sourced responsibly and respects the welfare of animals. 

The 100% nylon shell of the CirrusLite jacket sports a StormRepel DWR finish, enhancing its weather resistance. Despite not being designed to handle heavy rainfall, it does an excellent job keeping light snow and rain at bay. This also assists in keeping the aforementioned down insulation dry and thus effective.

While boasting robust insulation, this piece of apparel remains incredibly light and packable. As such, it’s a fantastic option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to reduce pack weight and space. 

The model’s classic fit makes it comfortable to wear, allowing layers to be worn without looking bulky. The addition of elastic hem and cuffs assists in trapping heat, while the jacket’s zippered hand and interior pockets help keep things close at hand.

However, it is essential to note that the CirrusLite Down Jacket has some shortcomings. Its water resistance is insufficient in heavy rain – you’ll have to wear a waterproof shell for extra protection. Additionally, those seeking a fitted silhouette might find the model’s classic fit too relaxed.

There are a variety of colour options available for the CirrusLite Down Jacket. Visually, it features a simple yet timeless design. It’s safe to say that the model fits seamlessly into both outdoor and urban settings. 

In conclusion, the CirrusLite Down Jacket impresses with its commitment to ethical sourcing, lightweight design, and excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. Despite minor shortcomings, the classic aesthetics and the overall performance make it one of the best insulated jackets on the market. Whether hiking the trails or exploring the city streets, this Eddie Bauer jacket delivers dependable comfort and warmth.

Drawing parallels with other industry comparisons, the distinctions between the CirrusLite Down Jacket and other market offerings are reminiscent of the Eddie Bauer vs L.L. Bean debate. Both brands prioritize quality and functionality, but each brings its unique flair and set of features to the table, making such comparisons both intriguing and essential for discerning outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Premium Down insulation with 650 fill power provides exceptional warmth
  • Elastic cuffs and hem, zippered pockets, and other practical features
  • Features RDS-certified (responsibly sourced) down insulation
  • A classic fit that is comfortable and spacious
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight


  • Those who prefer a fitted style may not like the classic fit
  • Heavy rain conditions require better water resistance

Momentum Light Jacket 

A man in hat wearing a colourful Eddie Bauer jacket


  • Material: Polyester, PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active
  • Sizes available: 6 (S – XXXL) 
  • Colours available: 1

View at Eddie Bauer

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Eddie Bauer Momentum Jacket’s high-performance insulation and lightweight construction. Moreover, the model excels in aesthetics – it sports a modern, sleek appearance and combines several colours in its design. I’d even go as far as to say that this garment adds a dash of style to your outdoor gear. 

However, the model’s standout feature is undoubtedly PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active. This top-of-the-line synthetic insulation keeps the wearer warm even in damp conditions – it’s the kind of insulation that keeps the cold at bay in various weather conditions. Eddie Bauer achieved substantial warmth by keeping the insulation’s weight at 100 grams without making the jacket too bulky. 

Another excellent feature is the 100% polyester shell, combined with the StormRepel DWR finish, which improves the model’s weather resistance. Despite its inability to withstand torrential rains, the shell sheds light rain and snow. It will keep you dry and comfortable in milder conditions. 

Once again, it is worth pointing out that the model manages to maintain high compressibility and low weight despite its high weather resistance and the amount of warmth it provides. This makes it a fantastic option for any weight-conscious outdoor enthusiast. 

On the other hand, the jacket’s fit is active, designed with complete freedom of movement in mind. The Momentum Light Jacket provides a streamlined silhouette without compromising mobility. There are also zippered pockets for smaller belongings and a protective hood that’s very easy to adjust. 

However, like all other garments of this type, the Momentum Light Jacket has a few drawbacks. Its water resistance is quite basic – this jacket won’t protect you from heavy rain. Moreover, the active fit described above won’t appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who prefer a more relaxed feel.

To conclude, the Momentum is a highly functional option for anyone seeking a blend of contemporary style, weight efficiency, and warmth in a jacket. The jacket could use improvements in a few areas – there’s no doubt about that – but its design and overall performance distinguish it from the competition. Whether you’re an adventurer exploring the wilds or an urbanite bracing against the winter chill, this Eddie Bauer jacket won’t disappoint you.


  • The PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active provides a high warmth-to-weight ratio
  • The hood can be adjusted & pockets can be secured with zippers 
  • Portable, lightweight, and packable 
  • Light rain and snow resistance
  • Modern, stylish design


  • Not suitable for exceptionally poor weather 
  • Not everyone will like the jacket’s active fit 

Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie

A man wearing a bright orange Eddie Bauer hooded jacket


  • Material: Polyester, spandex 
  • Sizes available: 5 (S – XXL) 
  • Colours available: 3

View at Eddie Bauer

Adding Eddie Bauer’s Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie to your wardrobe will make you the envy of your fellow outdoor enthusiasts. After owning this stylish hoodie for a few months and testing it in various weather conditions and environments, I can confirm it’s held in high regard for a good reason – here’s everything you need to know about it. 

The hoodie is made from a spandex/polyester combination, making it exceptionally robust and providing a reasonable degree of stretchiness for freedom of movement. The hoodie also features Eddie Bauer’s FreeDry moisture-wicking technology, efficiently pulling sweat away from the wearer’s body. It will keep you comfortable and dry no matter how intense your physical activity is.

Though it boasts durable construction, the Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie is still lightweight. As such, it’s an excellent option for pairing with other layers or as a standalone piece in milder climates. On the other hand, the garment’s active fit hugs the body without restricting one’s mobility – you’ll enjoy using it for activities such as jogging, climbing, or hiking. 

One of the model’s best features is its three-piece hood – it provides additional protection from poor weather. The secure zip chest pocket also deserves mention, as it offers convenient storage space for small essentials. Finally, the hoodie’s thumbhole cuffs keep sleeves in place during activity and add extra comfort.  

Although the Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie is undoubtedly a good piece of clothing, it has some drawbacks. Although it excels in moisture-wicking, it does not offer enough insulation to withstand colder conditions unless layered. Additionally, the active fit might feel too tight for those who prefer a looser fit.

Regarding aesthetics, this Eddie Bauer hoodie sports a streamlined, modern design and is available in three colours. It works great for outdoor activities and as casual wear. 

The Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie is a versatile, high-performing garment that excels in comfort and moisture management. Despite its inability to handle extreme cold without added layers, its strength is its outstanding flexibility- it’s a fantastic choice for variable conditions and dynamic activities. The Sandstone Backbone Grid Hoodie offers a modern aesthetic and reliable performance, whether running errands in town or hitting the backcountry trails.


  • Functional features like thumbhole cuffs and a secure zip chest pocket 
  • Stretchy, durable, and moisture-wicking material 
  • Movement-friendly, comfortable fit
  • Layerable and lightweight


  • The garment is not sufficiently warm in colder conditions without additional layers 
  • Not the best choice if you like a loose fit 

The North Face 

Corefire Down Jacket

A man with a beanie wearing a green North Face jacket


  • Material: Down, polyester, PrimaLoft Black insulation, PTFE (Gore-Tex) 
  • Sizes available: 5 (S – XXL) 
  • Colours available: 3
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The North Face Corefire Down Jacket is designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts – it’s a garment that delivers a powerful blend of practical features, protection, and insulation. During my extensive testing of the model, I found it highly effective under various conditions and in various environments. 

The Corefire Down Jacket is distinguished by its hybrid insulation. Combining 120g PrimaLoft Black Insulation and 550 fill goose down, it retains heat even when damp and provides an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio. As such, it works exceptionally well in unpredictable weather. 

As an added measure of weather protection, the model utilises a Gore-Tex 2L shell and WindWall fabric – substantial water and wind resistance are guaranteed. Both heavy precipitation and harsh winds will be repelled by this combination, making the jacket an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts who often find themselves in the wild in extreme weather. 

Despite not being the lightest jacket on the market, the Corefire offers robust protection and an array of features – these things undoubtedly justify the garment’s weight. Moreover, the jacket’s standard fit guarantees a relaxed, comfortable feel, providing plenty of space for layering. Other features include underarm vents for temperature regulation, a wrist pocket with a goggle wipe, and a helmet-compatible hood. 

Unfortunately, this North Face jacket is not without limitations. Some people may not find it appealing because it’s heavier than other insulated jackets. It may also not suit those looking for a more tailored fit, despite the model’s reasonably comfortable standard fit, as mentioned above. 

Design-wise, the North Face Corefire Down Jacket sports an outdoor-ready, robust look. Like many other TNF jackets, it is available in several colours. 

It’s safe to say that this model offers an exceptional balance of weather protection, insulation, and outdoor-centric features. While not the lightest option on the market, its outdoor-ready aesthetic and its performance in harsh conditions make it an attractive option for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Whether exploring high-altitude trails or hitting the ski slopes, the Corefire Down Jacket is an investment you won’t regret making.


  • Above-average weather resistance with Gore-Tex shell and WindWall fabric 
  • A superb level of warmth from hybrid synthetic and down insulation
  • Lots of practical, outdoor-centric features 
  • The down is sourced responsibly


  • Heavier than many of its competitors 
  • Not for those seeking a fitted style 

Antora Jacket 

A bearded man wearing a red North Face jacket


  • Material: Nylon, Heatseeker Eco insulation 
  • Sizes available: 6 (S – XXXL) 
  • Colours available: 22
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Outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable warmth and protection will undoubtedly find the North Face Antora Jacket to their liking. This popular model is held in high regard by thousands of people worldwide – if any piece of apparel deserves a closer look, it’s this one. 

Heatseeker Eco synthetic insulation is a crucial feature of the Antora Jacket. This in-house insulation retains a high warmth-to-weight ratio even in wet environments, allowing it to be used in various weather conditions. The use of 100g weight achieves an ideal balance, offering adequate warmth without being too bulky.

The rugged nylon ripstop shell combined with a DWR coating offers a degree of water resistance and contributes to overall durability. While the shell can’t withstand torrential rain, it effectively repels light precipitation. 

Despite its sturdy shell and high insulation, TNF’s Antora remains impressively lightweight and, therefore, compressible. This is a significant benefit for those concerned about the weight and size of their packs.

While it won’t suit everyone, the model’s standard fit allows ample room for layering and ensures a relaxed feel. Like other jackets from this price range, the Antora features zippered pockets for practical storage and a protective hood that you can easily adjust. 

Another similarity between Antora and its competitors is that it fails in heavy rain conditions. In such circumstances, wearing an additional waterproof layer is a must. And, as mentioned above, outdoor enthusiasts seeking a more body-hugging fit won’t like the overly loose feel of this jacket. 

From a visual standpoint, the model sports a classic, clean design in over twenty colours. Its functionality and simplicity make it equally suited to wilderness escapades and city strolls.

As a high-performance, well-rounded jacket, the Antora is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a combo of lightweight design, above-average durability, and exceptional insulation. Despite minor limitations (outweighed by its strengths), the jacket performs well in various conditions. Whether your adventures take you into the wild or to the city streets, TNF’s Antora has your back.


  • Synthetic insulation (Heatseeker Eco) provides reliable warmth
  • Low weight – easy to wear, store, and transport 
  • Lightly water-resistant but very durable 
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Secure pockets & adjustable hood 


  • In heavy rains, the water resistance is limited
  • An overly loose fit 

Denali 2 Jacket

A man wearing a black and grey North Face jacket


  • Material: Polyester fleece 
  • Sizes available: 7 (XXS – XXL) 
  • Colours available: 3 
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The Denali 2 Jacket represents a perfect blend of environmental consciousness, exceptional comfort, and unmatched durability. It’s also one of TNF’s best-looking products of this type, sporting a timeless design and being available in several colour combinations – it effortlessly combines urban appeal with outdoor functionality. 

The primary material used in the jacket’s construction is recycled polyester fleece, which exhibits the company’s sustainability efforts. This material, combined with a dependable DWR coating, offers a reasonable degree of light rain protection and warmth. If you’re seeking a jacket for moderately cool conditions, the Denali 2 is an excellent option. 

Even though the model is categorised as a midweight jacket, it balances weight and warmth without feeling bulky. This makes it an excellent standalone piece in milder climates or for layering in colder weather. On the other hand, the model’s relaxed fit allows for freedom of movement and makes it easy to combine it with other pieces of apparel. The Denali 2 is undoubtedly highly adaptable to various activities and outdoor conditions. 

Among its features, the reinforced forearms, chest, and shoulders enhance robustness in high-wear areas, while the model’s zippered chest and hand pockets provide ample storage space. The cinch cord and stretch cuffs are adjustable and make it easy to find a good fit. 

Every jacket has drawbacks, and the same is true for this one. As mentioned above, the Denali 2 can protect you against light showers but is less effective in heavy rain. Additionally, its relaxed fit will only suit some’s tastes, but that’s a matter of preference. 

In summary, TNF’s Denali 2 is a sustainable, versatile, and reliable jacket for those seeking a midweight fleece garment. Despite minor flaws, its commitment to sustainable production, classic aesthetic, and overall performance distinguish it from its competitors. It delivers in almost every department and, as such, stands as a worthwhile investment.


  • Practical features like cinch-cord, stretch cuffs, and zippered pockets 
  • High-wear areas are reinforced with durable fabrics 
  • Excellent balance between warmth and weight 
  • Warm and cosy polyester fleece
  • Made from recycled materials 


  • The water resistance is limited to light rain protection
  • Some folks may not like the loose fit 

The Final Verdict

Deciding between these two brands is challenging – both offer top-notch garments that excel in all the categories you can think of. 

Eddie Bauer impresses with its excellent warranty, quality materials, and practical designs. Nevertheless, North Face pulls ahead with its innovative use of technologies and materials and a perfect combination of contemporary and classic designs. The brand’s style variety and innovative spirit give it an edge over its rival. 

However, as both companies uphold high customer satisfaction and product quality standards, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference – as is often the case. Whichever brand you choose, you’ll end up with a jacket that combines durability, function and style in equal measure. 

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