Hydro Flask 32 oz vs 40 oz vs 64 oz

Those who decide to purchase a brand new Hydro Flask bottle will inevitably have to deal with the dilemma of which Hydro Flask size they should go for. Just like all other well-known manufacturers of insulated bottles, Hydro Flask offers its products in many different sizes, and it can be quite tricky to determine which one of those sizes is the right one for your needs. 

As someone who owns a few of these bottles myself, I know very well how troublesome it can be to browse through lots of different sizes online and trying to select one that will actually be useful to you. The decision becomes even more difficult if you’re buying a Hydro Flask bottle as a present. 

To help you out, I’ve decided to take a closer look at three different sizes of Hydro Flask bottles – 32 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz. The following tips should help you choose a Hydro Flask bottle that will suit your personal needs the best: 

Best Everyday Bottle – Hydro Flask 32 oz

Hydro Flask 32 oz bottle


  • Capacity: 32 ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Insulation: TempShield insulation 
  • Colors Available: 10 

Combining BPA-free plastic and 18/8 stainless steel as its main materials, this Hydro Flask bottle is both durable and safe to use.

It sports a clean, stylish design, and it’s available in 10 colors – it’s quite easy to find one whose look you’ll find appealing. The bottle is also dishwasher-safe and sports a slip-free powder coating. 

Hydro Flask offers its bottles in 18 oz, 20 oz, and 24 oz sizes, but if you want something bigger, go with the 32 oz model – in my opinion, it’s the ideal all-around everyday piece of drinkware. 

For a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, 24 ounces is too small and 40 ounces feels just a tiny bit too big. If you count yourself among these people, you’ll be pleased to find that the Hydro Flask bottles whose capacity stands at 32 ounces are in that goldilocks zone. They feel just right – they’re neither too small nor too big. 

A 32 oz Hydro Flask bottle is big enough to hold enough liquid for a decent workout session. It provides quick and easy access to water without forcing the owner to refill the bottle too often.

You won’t make a mistake by going for the 24 oz model, though – it’s just that the 32 oz bottle feels like the best choice for those who need an everyday all-around solution to their hydration needs.


  • Allows quick & easy hydration on the go
  • Superb TempShield insulation technology 
  • Available in 10 different colors 


  • The lid can be difficult to remove 

Most Versatile Bottle – Hydro Flask 40 oz

New Hydro Flask 40 oz bottle


  • Capacity: 40 ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Insulation: TempShield insulation 
  • Colors Available: 5

The design of this Hydro Flask bottle is almost identical to the one of the 32 oz model.

It’s yet another exceptionally well-made piece of insulated drinkware from this renowned brand and one that’s capable of keeping one’s drink cold or hot for hours on end.

Like all other HF bottles, this one also comes accompanied by a lifetime warranty. 

The Hydro Flask bottles whose capacity stands at 40 ounces are among the most popular products of this type on the market. It’s an extremely versatile insulated bottle, often used by college and high school students as well as by people who take the “drinking water frequently is very important” mantra very seriously. 

Once upon a time, I thought that bottles of this size were too big to carry around effortlessly and too large to be used comfortably. However, due to their wider diameter, these bottles aren’t really that much taller than their 32-ounce cousins but still allow users to bring quite a bit more of their favorite beverage. 

And while the model of this size is definitely larger than a 32 oz Hydro Flask bottle, the special powder finish it’s coated with makes holding it effortless. It is non-slip and quite rough, which means that you’ll be able to easily use the bottle with only one hand. 

As far as I’m concerned, this is the most versatile HF bottle you can get for your money. For most people (myself included), only a single filling does the trick – you won’t have to refill the bottle until tomorrow. The model doesn’t feel bulky at all and it’s easy to carry around or fit in a backpack.


  • Wide mouth – easy drinking, filling, and cleaning 
  • Powder coating provides a good grip 
  • Dishwasher-safe 


  • Leaks if the cap is not screwed in really tight 

For the Big Drinkers – Hydro Flask 64 oz 

Hydro Flask 64 oz vacuum insulated bottle


  • Capacity: 64 ounces
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Insulation: TempShield insulation 
  • Colors Available: 10

This large Hydro Flask bottle is a perfect choice for all those who need a lot of water, coffee, or tea for their hiking/camping/hunting trips. Just like the smaller HF bottles, this one is also available in several chic colors and is extremely easy to use and clean. The signature TempShield insulation technology is also here, as is the slip-free powder coating. 

For those who drink a lot of water or simply have no easy access to water in places they’re hiking through, a 64-ounce Hydro Flask bottle is undoubtedly the best choice out there. 

The high capacity of this model turns it into an ideal choice for trade people and laborers. In other words, if you’re working up a sweat and need to take a lot of water to work every day, this particular Hydro Flask bottle is a phenomenal option.

I can also see this 64-ounce variant as a perfect choice for folks who often spend entire days on the road, such as truck drivers. 

Once you fill up a 64 oz Hydro Flask bottle with water and ice in the morning, you won’t have to think about refilling it anytime soon.

Because of the company’s proprietary TempShield insulation technology, the water will stay ice-cold for at least 24 hours, even if you leave this piece of drinkware in a hot vehicle or out in the sun.


  • Large capacity – great for multi-day outings 
  • Pro-grade stainless steel guarantees durability 
  • Convenient carrying handle 


  • Expensive

Tips on Choosing a Hydro Flask Bottle of the Right Size

Hydro Flasks standing on concrete

Go With Your Instinct 

As I’ve already said, it can be quite overwhelming to see all the available size options of Hydro Flask bottles. How to determine which capacity is actually the best for you? Will a 64-ounce bottle be too big? Will a 32-ounce one be too small? 

Picking the right size is actually a pretty big decision since the insulated, stainless steel bottles made by this company are all but cheap.

And when it comes to big decisions such as these, listening to your subconscious mind and trying to determine whether it’s trying to tell you something is never a bad decision. In simple terms, go with your gut! 

Over the decades of buying trekking gear, I’ve learned to trust my own instinct and I very rarely end up with a piece of gear that doesn’t suit my needs. And whenever I go against it, I end up with buyer’s remorse, regretting my decision. 

So, to cut things short, if your instinct is telling you that a Hydro Flask bottle of a particular size is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate and go with that specific size. There’s a very good chance that you won’t be regretting your decision later. 

What Will You Be Using Your Bottle For?

Hiker holds a black Hydro Flask bottle

A Hydro Flask bottle whose size is ideal for every possible situation simply doesn’t exist. For that matter, it is very important to think hard and long about what will you be using your future Hydro Flask bottle for most of the time. 

If that’s going to be backcountry trekking, sports games, school, or office, get the best size for that specific activity.

If you, for example, need a Hydro Flask bottle for office use, a 32-ounce model is probably the best choice – it will be right there next to you while you’re working on the computer and you won’t have to think about refilling it. 

For children, on the other size, something a bit smaller than the 32 oz variant is usually the best choice – an 18-ounce Hydro Flask bottle, for example.

A piece of drinkware of that capacity is small enough to fit inside a kid’s backpack but can still hold a good amount of water. So, in summary, determine which activity you need an HF bottle for and get the right size for it. 

My Opinion on Hydro Flask Sizes = Bigger is Usually the Better 

You can’t decide whether you should go with a smaller or a bigger Hydro Flask bottle? If that’s your dilemma, I would advise going with the larger size. 

Finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with only a few sips of water left can be beyond frustrating, and even dangerous in some situations.

While it’s true that larger Hydro Flask bottles can be quite inconvenient at times due to their size and weight (and let’s not forget the fact that they don’t fit into vehicle cup holders), having more water than you need instead of having less water than you need is always a preferable situation to find yourself in. 

Hydro Flask 32 oz vs 40 oz vs 64 oz – The Verdict

Black Hydro Flask stands in the sun

In the end, no single size of a Hydro Flask bottle is “the best”. As far as I’m concerned, it all boils down to finding the size that suits your particular needs the best. Personally, I consider the 40-ounce variant to be the most versatile one, but maybe you’ll find something bigger – or smaller – to be much more useful. 

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