Where Can I Get a Pilgrims Passport?

A pilgrim’s passport is a must, (also known as a credential), you must have one to stay in the municipal and parish Albergues, some of the private albergues do not require one.  The passport will have spaces for sellos, (stamps), this proves that you have walked that day and are entitled to stay in an Albergue, (pilgrims only hostels), if there is space, they are valid for walkers and cyclist.

The passport often ends up being a treasured possession as it is a great reminder of all the places you have stopped and stayed overnight.  The stamps are all different and almost all bars and cafes will have one.

If you are walking from St Jean or very early on any of the Camino routes you need to have one stamp per day.  If you are walking the last 100km, (from Sarria 112km), or cycling the last 200km, (Ponferrada 205km), you will need 2 stamps per day if you want the Compostela when you reach Santiago de Compostela.



USA pilgrims can join American Pilgrims on the Camino here. You do not have to be a member to request a credential from them, (See here), but membership and donations help you – as they award grants that help make pilgrims’ lives easier on the Camino, from help upgrading hostels and training volunteers to work in the albergues. More info here.

The Irish Society of St James is the Irish association that provides credentials.  You can order online here and the cost is 10 Euro, you do not require membership. The Irish Society are friendly and organize Camino information events around Ireland.


The Canadian Company of Pilgrims supply passports in Canada, see here.  They have an online ordering of Credentials.  The cost is 5 dollars and that includes membership.

The Confraternity of St James in the UK provide a wealth of information on their website and via Amazon where they also now sell their guidebooks in digital format on Amazon.

The UK Confraternity have an online ordering system, that looks like it works a treat.  The Pilgrim’s Passport can now be purchased by members and non-members for £5. Order page here.

The Confraternity of St James in South Africa provide credentials only to members, however, due to visa restrictions, it is worthwhile becoming a member as they provide a letter to enable the visa.  They have good information on their site regarding this process.  Membership is R40 and the passport is R70 – see this page.

The Australian Friends of the Camino will send you a pilgrim’s credential for free if you are a member, you can order online.

Non-English Camino Pilgrim Associations

If you are living in mainland Europe or further afield these websites can help:

Du Quebec a Compostelle for French Canadians

La Société Française des Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle – France


Deutsche St. Jakobus-Gesellschaft e.V

Region Norddeutschland in der Deutschen St. Jakobus-Gesellschaft e.V

Fränkische St. Jakobus-Gesellschaft Würzburg e.V.

Confraternity of Saint James, Norway

Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob

Sankt Jakobs Bruderschaft Österreich – Austria

Polski Klub Camino de Santiago – Poland

Vlaams Genootschap van Santiago de Compostela – Flemish

Association Belge des Amis de Saint Jacques de Compostelle – Belgium French

Les Amis du chemin de Saint–Jacques de Compostelle Suisse – Switzerland

Confraternita di San Jacopo di Compostella – Italian

Associação de Confrades e Amigos do Caminho de Santiago de Compostela–São Paulo–Brasil – Brazil

Associação Brasileira dos Amigos do Caminho de Santiago – Brazil

Collect Your Pilgrims Passport in Spain


Where can I get a pilgrim’s passports in Spain is a question I am asked a lot. Pilgrim’s passports are also issued in various albergues.  In St Jean Pied de Port is where most passports are issued.  Pamplona main albergue issue the passports, also the pilgrim’s office beside the albergue in Roncesvalles.  All the main cities, Burgos, Leon, issue the passports, as for the small albergues in between – sorry but I don’t know – if anyone else does let me know and I will post the information here. Below is a table of all the places where you will be able to buy or donate for a Pilgrim’s Passport for the Camino Frances:

For the Camino Madrid – Association of Friends of the Road to Santiago de Madrid

It is likely that I have missed some places if you would like to add to the list please email me, Leslie using the email address caminoadventures@gmail.com – in addition, if you know of places on the other routes I am happy to add those also.

Saint Jean Pied de port Pilgrims Office
Roncesvallles In the monastery
Larrasoana Albergue Municipal de Pilgrims
Pamplona Municipal Albergue
Pamplona University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) – they are open 24/7 – enter by the front and ask for pilgrims office – you can also have your passport stamped here.
Puente la Reina Municipal Albergue
Estella Municipal Albergue
Logrono Municipal Albergue
Santo domingo de la Calzada Albergue de pilgrims de la Cofradía del Santo
Burgos Albergue de peregrinos (Asociación de amigos del Camino de Burgos)
Carrión de los Condes Oficina del peregrino (Monasterio de San Zoilo).
León Municipal Albergue
Astorga Municipal Albergue
Rabanal del Camino Albergue Nuestra Señora del Pilar
Molinaseca Albergue de peregrinos (Alfredo)
Ponferrada Municipal Albergue
Villafranca del Bierzo Albergue de peregrinos AVE FÉNIX (Jato)
O Cebreiro Albergue de peregrinos a Santuario
Samos Albergue del Monasterio
Sabria Albergue de peregrinos
Sarria Church of Santa Mariña, Rua de Maior
Sarria Monastery of the Magdalena, Avenida de la Merced
Portomarín Albergue de peregrinos
35 replies
  1. jose antonio fernandez
    jose antonio fernandez says:

    Dear Leslie,
    The Edificio Central (main building) at the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) is one of the venues, located in the “camino”, where the pilgrims can get the Pilgrim Record / credencial. They can get the “credencial” at any hour any day: we are open 7/24 the whole year.
    I would be very appreciated if you upload this information in your web site
    Thank you very much and… buen Camino!

    Jose Antonio Fernandez
    Pilgrim Office & Alumni Office
    University of Navarra

    • felix
      felix says:

      nice movie. i am planning to do my walk the end of november from porto. i have a limited number of days like 5/6 days to complete the journey. do you think its ambitious and possible? what will be the weather in this side of the route during november. i m traveling by myself is there a site where i can hook up with fellow walker so it wont be a lonely walk.

  2. Ken T.
    Ken T. says:

    Is the information about obtaining a passport at an albergue and the list of albergues up to date as of 2013? Two companions and I are coming in about a month (mid-March) to walk from either Leon or Ponferrada into Santiago (arriving during Holy Week!), and it is past the regular deadline to get a passport from the American Pilgrims organization.

    Thank you for maintaining a site full of so much good information, and for any help you can provide us.


    • admin
      admin says:

      Where to obtain a passport is up to date, but the hostel list is two years out of date. The first half has been updated at the end of 2012, but I still have to finish it. I will mark on the page when that is completed, likely during the next month or so.

  3. Mike McCarthy
    Mike McCarthy says:

    5 retired blokes will be cycling the route from Pamplona to SdC next spring. Can we get a Camino passport in order to stay at hostels or are they only given to walkers?

  4. Jayne Middleton
    Jayne Middleton says:

    I am travelling to Barcelona from Scotland then taking the train to Sarria and walking to Santiago from there. Is it possible to get a passport in any of these places?

  5. Ilde Sierra
    Ilde Sierra says:

    Everybody can make his own Pilgrims Passport. The only thing you need it´s a piece of card. At the very moment you put a stamp on it, its turns into a “credencial”. This first stamp could be your own parish one, and the sign of your local priest, wherever that parish are, no matter wich denomination that church is. But you can seal it at Spain wherever you want.

    • Ilde Sierra
      Ilde Sierra says:

      The “credencial” its NOT an official documet. The really important are the stamps and dates on each one. You can see it in the internet. Write ” Credenciales Camino de Santiago” images. You´ll find there lots of credentials images to be inspired for. Don´t forgot to include your name in it. Buen Camino.

  6. Line schamaitat
    Line schamaitat says:

    I’m going to bicycle from Denmark to Santiago in May.. yay!
    You know if I can pick a pass up in Dk?
    Thanks, great site.

  7. S. Lanza
    S. Lanza says:

    i walked 600 kms of the Camino Francis in 2013. i am now returning to walk the reminder this fall 2016. Can I use my original credential from 2013 and use the remaining space for stamps or do I need a new one ?

  8. Sam
    Sam says:

    Hi Leslie, we are planning to do our walk starting March next year, do we have to get our passport stamped at albergues or can we use use mainly restaurant and churches? Thanks for your time

      • J unçu
        J unçu says:

        Leslie, as you may know, there are many different credentials that can be obtain in different associations, that can be used for the camino, algergues, restaurants etc. But to obtain the ” COMPOSTELA ” certificate is needed since April 2016 (leaving a trial period to use the old ones), the Official card issue by the S. James of Compostela church. It is a black card with golden writting and S.James esculture at the Portico de la Gloria. If copy needed ask me.

  9. getterlaar
    getterlaar says:

    Hello, i am planning to walk the Northern Way this summer starting from Irun. As I get there in the afternoon, i was planning to stay overnight and start the walk the next day. I looked up some adresses – where to sleep and where to get the “passport”. As the page was in spanish, i am not sure if I got it right, but it seams to me that the “Asociacion de amigos de los Caminos de Santiago de Irun” (Jacobea) is open from 19h-20h30.
    The “Hospital de peregrinos”, which is not far from it, opens 16h but needs a passport in order to get a place for the night.
    So my question is, is that possible that it opens so late? Can i go to the albergue anyway and then after go and pick up the passport? Or they just won’t let me in and it might happen that by the time i get the passport, there won’t be any places left and i will find myself in Irun, with no place to stay?
    If anyone can help, has any information, i would appreciate it!

  10. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    My friend and I plan to walk from Santiago to Finesterre and the on to Muxia……(she’s done different segments before but this is my first)…can I get a credential for this segment??? Where do I get one?? Thanks!


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